Towel Warmer Katia VX
Towel Warmer

The Cordivari company, aware of the importance of the atmosphere and comfort in the bathroom, proposes a series of towel warmers, capable of guaranteeing aesthetics and functionality.

Among the towel radiators proposed by the Cordivari company, there is the Claudia towel warmer, from the semi-oval vertical manifolds in painted carbon steel, of size 30x40mm, and with horizontal radiated bodies in painted carbon steel of 25mm diameter, the Katia VX towel warmer from the circular collectors, 30mm in diameter, and rectangular radiating bodies, 15x20mm, the Lucy 25 towel warmer, with both circular manifolds and radiant bodies, respectively 30mm and 25mm in diameter, and finally the Samira towel warmer, with vertical collectors of 30mm diameter and horizontal elliptical radiating bodies, of 50x25mm size. Each radiator is supplied with color on request chosen from the appropriate tables.