Tubes design electric radiator


Via Boscalto, 32, 31023 Resana TV, Italia

Tubes radiators has its historical headquarters in Resana, in the province of Treviso, where even today on a total area of almost 20,000 square metres, it controls the entire production cycle, both of the most historic Basics and Extras collection and of the most recent collection of design models: a company that can boast of being totally Made in Italy. Founded in 1994 and backed by thirty years of experience previously gained by the founding partners in the thermo-hydraulic sector, Tubes is recognized on the market for its heaters and towel warmers with high technological and architectural value.

Made in Italy Products
Tubes Radiatori is synonymous with design, state-of-the-art, knowledge and Made in Italy excellence in the heat production market. A pioneer in the sector, it has always distinguished itself for its ability to innovate, expressing the art of "know-how" and attention to detail in every product. Starting from the brilliant idea of freeing the heating system from the constraints of valves, Tubes has pursued an ever-growing path, through research, technological experimentation and above all, aesthetics, which has enabled the company to revolutionize the concept of the heater, transforming it into an icon of design, capable of defining architectural space.

The aesthetics of Heat
By focusing on innovation and initiating intense work both in terms of processes and the use of materials and in terms of aesthetics, with Tubes the heaters have become an aesthetic priority in the definition of spaces. After the creation of the Basics, Extras and Elements lines, a collection that boasts collaborations with renowned names in international design and whose marked sculptural value of the products has made them capable of participating in museum exhibitions of international prestige, in 2018 a new phase began thanks to an important innovation in terms of products and differentiation of the line with the creation of the Plug&play collection powered by electricity.