Vario Haus prefabricated house
Vario Haus prefabricated house
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Vario Haus Italia

Via Dogana, 1, 39010 Nalles BZ, Italia

The VARIO-HAUS Italia S.r.l. was born in 2011 in the industrial area of ​​Nals, CEO is Mr. Günther Pallweber. The company produces single-family prefabricated houses with low energy consumption and different architectures, they are passive houses made of wood with a frame structure, building complexes, offices, kindergartens, schools and more.

Complete advice
VARIO-HAUS, which is the only interlocutor, offers a complete package of finishes and takes care of the whole process, from the first non-binding interview, to competent advice and free home planning.

Build quality
There are several elements that characterize the VARIO-HAUS prefabricated houses that give them a high degree of quality. Among these, static properties that give it stability and security, in fact a wooden house offers a considerably greater anti-seismic safety. The possibility of having a personalization in the finishes and design make the design flexible. The dry construction does not require the use of mortar, therefore a drying time, therefore construction / delivery times are lower than the traditional construction system. Furthermore it is possible to carry out part of the work personally, in fact the wooden houses are also conceived as houses with autonomous construction or houses with advanced raw materials.