VLOT architecten

Professor Snijdersstraat 2, 2628 RA Delft
Alexander Battalaan 48, 6221 CE Maastricht

VLOT architects was founded in 2018 by Jeroen Lemans and Stefan de Vos. The agency looks for relevance in every project. Relevance to the planet, society, the place and the end user. Projects are relevant if an improvement arises through innovation. VLOT feels responsible for the impact of the buildings they design on the planet. They use natural materials with a low or positive CO2 footprint, see waste as a raw material and make buildings dismantle. VLOT makes the ordinary special. Good buildings do not come about because of a high budget. Good buildings are created with sufficient time, love and attention. They translate this into a specific character, a social message, special use of materials or distinct detailing. They see architecture as a craft, not only behind the drawing board but also in practice. They make mock-ups, test and improve before the building is realized. In this way they guarantee the technical, aesthetic and financial feasibility. The office creates logical, simple buildings, without unnecessary decoration. VLOT works with love for the profession, is a perfectionist and always tries to get the most out of it. Knowledge and ideas are happy to be shared, collaborating with other professionals, that's how craftsmanship is created. The office is characterized by discovering various variants throughout the design process and thus strives for the highest attainable quality. They have fun, a relaxed working method promotes creativity, quality and the process