Wall CLT ribbed Lignotrend
Walls CLT ribbed

The company Lignotrend, thanks to the use of cross-laminated wood develops innumerable construction components capable of satisfying the various design requirements. As for the structural walls, the company offers two types in particular.

The wall of the LIGNO UNI Q3 type is characterized by 3 supporting ribs. On the side of the ribs, it is possible to insert the plant lines in a simple and fast way, thus eliminating the need to make useless against technical walls. Thanks to the particular geometry of the wall, the wooden surface in contact with the air, involved in the hygrometric adjustment function, is particularly high, thus allowing a better absorption of excess humidity in the rooms and ensuring optimal thermo hygrometric comfort. The UNI Q3 wall is also available in a version with a real wood face without knots. Lignotrend offers designers and builders a wide range of certified stratigraphies to meet the different needs of acoustic insulation and fire resistance. The new LIGNO UNI Q3 HL wall was created for the need to build multi-storey buildings in construction class from 1 to 5 according to the recent regulations. The high degree of sustainability and wholesomeness of the Made of Ligno® elements is guaranteed by the exclusive voluntary Natureplus certification.