Isolated building exterior with Over-All insulation
Walls insulation

Over-all thermo-reflective insulation is used to achieve thermal and acoustic insulation of both external walls and partition walls. Born out of the need to supply to the workers to the job lenders with all the normative characteristics demanded by the market now, thanks to their ease of installation in the gap of the wall, ensure that a better thermal insulation value is achieved. Over-all insulation can be combined with any type of masonry and also acts as sound insulation and a perfect vapour barrier. Depending on the design needs, over-foil branded rolls or over-wall composite panels can be used.

Over-foil multilayer 19 SuperQuiltTM is a thermo-reflective insulation material considered among the most performing on the market. Over-foil 311 is composed of a double sheet of pure aluminium and is applied for the thermo-acoustic insulation of external and internal walls and surface coverings. Over-foil 2L-2 is applied as the over-foil 311, but the thickness varies from 9 mm to 6.5 mm, always composed of a pure aluminium foil. Over-Wall is an acoustic thermal insulation ideal for external walls and partitions, with reduced costs and thicknesses.