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Warmset was born in 2012 from the desire to propose new solutions in the field of electrical systems for heating homes or other types of structures. In addition to electric underfloor heating systems, Warmset offers towel warmers, outdoor snow applications, industrial heaters, workstation heating and heating for events and other recreational activities.

To obtain better performance in the field of electric heating, laminated resistive components were used through the Joule effect. Its innovative technology, developed with machinery of exclusive conception, has made the company a point of reference in many markets, reaching remarkable goals at international level.

The company's mission is to dialogue with the customer, proposing prudent solutions for electric heating. Easy installation, versatility of use and user comfort are the objectives that the company aims at. The flexibility of its products means that they adapt to different needs, not lacking in reliability and safety.

"Green" approach
The technology developed by the company is completely "green" and protects the environment. In fact, with the Warmset system, all the materials used to make the products are recyclable and the electricity generated from renewable sources is completely converted into heat. People's well-being is part of Wermset's philosophy. Through technological experimentation that provides better diffusion of the heat of the heating elements, the rooms are always more comfortable and healthy.


SOLD OUT Electric floor heating
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High energy efficiency systems and systems. Very low consumption electric heating

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