Whitaker Studio

23-27 Arcola St Hackney Downs, London E8 2DJ Regno Unito

I’m James and Whitaker Studio is home to my work. Work that I love doing. Everyday I work hard with teams of other people to create the best possible work we can, and these days that work is predominately architecture. Our projects pepper the globe ranging in size and use

Whitaker Studio doesn't have a set style, or set way of working, but rather a constantly evolving collection of interests and themes we want to explore. We start every project with no preconception of what it should be other than that it should be the best possible project it can be

The path that has led me here has often diverged from straight architectural practice and I've worked with photography, digital artistry and film making. This love of the eclectic has broadened the way I view the world and provided me with a constantly growing set of tools for approaching new projects. Where the Whitaker Studio path goes next I do not know, but I do know that we will continue working to make tomorrow's work even greater than yesterday's and enjoy every minute of the process