White energy efficiency certificates
White certificates

Energy efficiency certificates (also called white certificates) are an incentive mechanism that promotes the use of technologies with high energy efficiency throughout Italy.
The system is based on the obligation imposed on large companies distributing electricity and gas to comply with certain directives for the reduction of energy consumption.
These savings can be achieved by interventions at end-users and are assessed in primary sources using the equivalent tonne of oil (TEP) as a unit of measurement.

All associations, companies or individuals who carry out energy efficiency measures can benefit from these incentives; these entities, through companies called Energy Service Company (esco)they can apply to the competent bodies; the certification of the achieved energy savings is attested by the GSE through the issuance of the same white certificates.

The operations which are admitted to the system of energy efficiency certificates are those which involve a rationalization of the final consumption of energy, whether they are interventions on the building envelope, both on the plants and on the production processes.

The most common interventions that can benefit from white certificates are:
• Installation of condensing boilers;
• Installation of gas boilers;
• Installation of pellet stoves;
• Installation of electric heat pumps;
• Insulation of walls or covers;
• Restructuring for the energy efficiency of buildings;
• Replacement of single glazing by double glazing.