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Via Amilcare Ponchielli 3, 20063 Isola Guarnieri MI, Italia

WICONA, a German brand of international prestige, develops, designs and markets aluminium solutions for the building industry: facades, windows, sliding doors and sunshades.

Designers and window and door manufacturers
Known for its high performance and reliability of its products, WICONA, firstly, provides designers, architects and clients with the means to implement their projects and secondly, makes window and door frames available with the appropriate tools to implement the most challenging projects in conditions of absolute safety.

Customized solutions
By constantly listening to its partners, it assumes the role of guarantor of a fluid and efficient collaboration between those who are reinventing the city, those who design buildings and those who produce customized aluminum construction systems, specific to each project. To ensure the effectiveness of this close collaboration, it provides the technical solutions necessary for the implementation of the most innovative projects.


edificio con facciata continua vetrata
17 Sep 2020 |

Untitled Seminario

Partner: Wicona
29 Jan 2020 | 17.00 - 19.00

Untitled Seminario

Partner: Wicona
Continuous glass windows with Wicona aluminum facade systems
24 Sep 2019 | 17.00 - 19.00

Transparent envelope and windows in the architectural project. From continuous glass panels to aluminum façade systems (2nd edition)

Partner: Wicona