Ytong cellular concrete bricks
Ytong cellular concrete bricks
Ytong cellular concrete

Ytong autoclaved aerated concrete, one of the most well-known German brands in the building materials field, is a unique product, guarantor of high quality thermal insulation. Ytong blocks have been introduced to the market since 1960, having already been a huge success right from the start.

The main components of cellular concrete are lime, sand, cement and water, totally natural raw materials, present in an inexhaustible manner on the earth's crust. The processes that allow to obtain them are simple, not compromising in any way the balance of nature. Despite the availability of raw materials, the company Ytong does not give up using them carefully. The Ytong product range has been developed to meet all building construction needs. The Ytong blocks, large format bricks with high dimensional accuracy, are combined with light mortars and, enjoying countless advantages including insulation, make installation much faster. Among the blocks are different types that can be chosen according to your needs, Climaplus, Climagold, Seismic block, Tables and thin blocks, SismiClima, Y-ACU. Ytong architraves, prefabricated elements in cellular concrete, can be applied directly on the walls, without requiring additional reinforcements, jets or props, and eliminate thermal bridges. The architrave guarantees a uniformity of the wall that does not allow the creation of cracks. Among the architraves, there are the Lowered Architraves, non-load-bearing, useful in the installation of very thick infill walls, and the Shells, armed U-shaped blocks, in the case of openings with lights greater than those of the Ytong architraves. U-shaped blocks and perforated blocks are included in the types of special pieces offered by Ytong, which can be customized according to construction needs. Finally, the slabs and panels in reinforced concrete are used in floors and roofs, in external walls, in compartments or in internal partitions. Compared to the traditional construction methods, they guarantee a much faster installation, high acoustic and thermal performance, and unsurpassed fire resistance.