ZAV Architects

#156, Somaye Street, Mofateh Street, Tehran, Iran

Tehran-based ZAV Architects, founded in 2007, thrive to redefine the function of their 
practice beyond pre-defined limits of its influence to having socio-political and economicocultural agency. They believe architecture can be evaluated in terms of its capacity for 
maximizing the balanced production and distribution of economic gain for its stakeholders. 
In their work they attempt to postpone architectural presumptions in order to create space for 
critical re-evaluation of assets, techniques and spatial diagrams. As demonstrated in their 
various projects, it is through the application of architecture’s very own means that they 
attempt to exercise agency in matters that fall exterior to its core, in order to entertain the 
maximum negotiation with the shaping forces and production of alternative architectural 
products. In the Middle-East the ‘west’ as a cultural phenomenon was mostly adopted uncritically. 
With the formal adaptation of modern architecture, inherently construction techniques, 
technologies and products were adopted and are now being acquired in return for wasteful 
cashing out of natural resources of the region, mostly gas and oil. ZAV’s alternative is 
absorbing the underlying principles of western modernity, while re-appropriating one’s own 
cultural circumstances. In this process, materials and construction techniques are re-invented, 
recycled or up-cycled. As new forms and material conditions emerge built environment 
becomes the result of re-appropriation of what we already have in terms of material as 
tangible asset or their cultural practices