ZDA - Zupelli Design Architettura

Via Cavour, 28 25034 Orzinuovi BS Italia

The study "Zupelli Design Architettura" was born from the collaboration between Carlo Zupelli and his son Ezio, both architects graduated from the Politecnico di Milano (the latter also previously obtained a degree in "Interior Design" at the European Design Institute). In this new professional experience they cross their respective paths defining a shared and complementary “idea of ​​living”: ZDA in fact deals with residential architecture, interior design, product design, retail and art direction, following a design approach where attention to details and research of materials are essential elements. Working in symbiosis with artisans, the studio offers the possibility of creating custom-made products and furnishings, combinations of geometries and styles that allow to obtain a unique, original and mouldable result based on the specific needs of the customer. Taste, balance and functionality therefore represent the key words of a new way of living and conceiving space, whose ultimate goal is to touch the essence of architecture