Zooco Studio

Glorieta de Bilbao, 1, 2ºc 28004 Madrid
Calle Sta. Lucía, 51 entresuelo, 1, 39003 Santander, Cantabria

Zooco is a multidisciplinary architecture, design and interior design studio founded in 2009 by Miguel Crespo Picot (Santander, 1980), Javier Guzmán Benito (Santander, 1980) and Sixto Martín Martínez (Madrid, 1980), architects qualified by the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM). 

Today Zooco has offices in Madrid and Santander, and develops its projects both nationally and internationally. Over the past ten years its portfolio has included more than fifty works published in specialised national and international media, some of which have been recognised with different awards such as the prestigious Frame 2020 award, Architecture Masterprize 2019, Design Vanguard 2019, NAN Construcción 2019, EuroShop Retail Design Award ’18 Shanghai, International Design Media Award 2018 Shenzhen and Casa Decor 2013 and 2014 awards


patio roof concrete structure beams metal pool floor wood

Pitched roof for a rural house in Santader. The roof preserves the original distribution of space

Zooco Studio redesigned an old rural house by using the existing building, accurately reproducing the local building system consisting of stone walls that support a wooden gabled roof with tiles inside the spaces developed in sequence

Loft with wooden and metal mezzanine

Historic loft of the twentieth century in the center of Madrid. Project of a house inside a house

The project is much closer to the process of a single-family house construction than to an internal rehabilitation and is carried out by Zooco Studio, which generates ten different horizontal structures of different heights hosting different functions.

restaurant entrance sliding doors rose iron and glass

Restaurant between colour and tradition. The interweaving of materials makes the space unique.

La Canica is a restaurant with a strong urban character. Zooco Studio transforms the existing space working on materials and furniture with every single detail, different seats and finishes make the space dynamic.

office open space minimal white

Open space office in Santader. The space is defined by the shape from the arch

Zooco Studio presents its open space office where arched windows are the starting point for designing space through wooden furniture. The curved shape is highlighted by the wood while the white defines the minimal spaces, a contrast that generates movement. 

Restaurant in a Spanish village

Restaurant in a small Spanish village. Simplicity of materials that are used in a clear and decisive way

Pan de Cuoco is a restaurant located in Suesa, a small village near the coast and the capital of Cantabria, an autonomous region in the north of Spain. The modern culinary offer combines with the rural environment in which the restaurant is located