Example of Acoustic insulation
Example of Acoustic insulation

Acoustic insulation

The purpose of acoustic insulation is to protect humans from noise by attenuating or eliminating their perception of sound. This type of building technology makes it possible to hinder the transmission of sound energy from one environment to another by interposing a physical means of separation between the two. Here, too, the choice of materials is wide: materials based on expanded polymers, rock wool, autoclaved aerated concrete, chipboards.

Acoustic insulation in homes is a fundamental aspect to enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment. It is a question of preventing the diffusion and absorption of sound within the rooms, in order to create a comfortable atmosphere, especially if you live in very noisy contexts.

Modern technology offers several solutions to improve the sound insulation of buildings, such as facing walls with insulating materials, soundproof windows, curtains with sound-absorbing linings and even innovative materials such as mineral wool or cork shells on the walls. Not only that: even the shape of the building and the corners of the rooms can have a very important impact on the general level of sound insulation. Furthermore, applying soundproofing paints can significantly contribute to reducing noise in the living environment.

Acoustic insulation is also a fundamental aspect of fire safety: thanks to it, heat loss can be limited and the risk of fire prevented in the event of an emergency. Thanks to the structural interventions implemented by specialized technicians, it is possible not only to eliminate sound dispersion but also to minimize the passage of pathogens into the home.