Example of architecture
Example of architecture

Architectural projects

Since ancient times, architecture has occupied an extremely important position in human society. The architectural discipline was born to find practical solutions to the primary problems of the humans and of their communal life: the need to have shelter for themselves and for their loved ones; the need for a place to store tools, provisions, precious objects; that of organizing spaces, life and the defense of the community.

Starting from these fundamental needs, architecture evolved to deal also with what transcends the mere concrete aspect of an individual human life: the representation of power and its prestige, the cult of the divine, the intellectual life of a society. In this way, architecture has become an integral part of the artistic and cultural expression of a given civilization or era.

Architectural design is a process that is as logical as it is artistic. Firstly, it must be able to identify forms, materials and processes suitable for the creation of functional spaces in which man can carry out specific activities such as living, working, relaxing, taking care of himself (etc.). It is a wide-ranging scientific process: not only must it consider technical issues such as the choice of the right materials and compliance with current regulations, but it must also take into consideration the needs of human beings, which vary enormously according to the age of the people, their number and intended use.

Secondly - but no less important - an architectural project always has artistic connotations. The choice of colours, materials and shapes has a significant impact on people's perception of spaces and influences their attitudes and behavior in a cascading effect. Even the most functional building contributes - by the simple fact of existing - to determining the character of the space in which it stands and the behavior of the people who are inside and near it.

An architectural project naturally varies according to the different intended uses and the taste and ideas of the client. A business or a production site will tend to be built with the concept of functionality as its core. The head office of an institution or a large company will combine functional needs with representative and cultural ones. Residential architecture, on the other hand, will try to balance the need to accommodate a certain number of people in a given space in the most pleasant and comfortable way. While a HoReCa project will try to combine a functional aspect with a pleasant look to attract customers. And so on.

Blue cover and blue sky
School facility in France. Shades of blue interact with the blue sky

Architecture studio Dominique Coulon & associes designs the "René Beauverie" school group in Vaulx-en-Velin, which combines schools and neighborhood services, characterized by different shades of blue that vary depending on the solar angle

Stone villa in the mountains
Villa on the mountains in Mexico. Between stones and vegetation, an Architecture that blurs between inside and outside

Situated on the rocky mountains on the outskirts of Tepoztlán, this architecture, designed by Cadaval & Solà-Morales studio, reinterprets the hardness of stone, making the space comfortable thanks to the interpenetration of nature.

Renovated wooden bungalow
Wooden recovery in Los Angeles. Living in modernity among traditional essences

In a little-known neighborhood, Hermon, just outside the center of Los Angeles, a dilapidated bungalow dating back to 1920 has undergone a major renovation carried out by Architect Martin Fenlon bringing the old structure to life

Co-working in downtown New Orleans
Co-working in downtown New Orleans. Wooden interiors and vintage furniture in a former warehouse

The shop is the name of the co-working space designed by U.S. studio EskewDumezRipple located on the third and fourth floors of the Contemporary Arts Center in a historic former warehouse from the 1920s intended for technological, artistic and cultural enterprises.

Internal offices in a renovated room
Office in the heart of Paris. A room abandoned for years regains its value

The room located in the Marais district of Paris, at the Cafe de la Gare and has been renovated by the French studio Rotunno Justman Architectes, which seeks to restore the nobility of the place through the use of specific materials

French doors to an inner courtyard
Housing for an elderly couple. Concept for the creation of a sheltered space

K18-House is the project by Architect Show studio for an elderly couple in the city of Kumamoto, on the Japanese island of Kyushu with the aim of creating a calm and relaxed space capable of providing privacy and shelter from external noise

Wooden house with compact design
House under the oaks. Massive wooden elements for a rigid and compact design

The house, located in the Austrian municipality of Eichgraben on the outskirts of Vienna was designed by Juri Troy Architects, who used massive wooden elements to create a linear and compact architecture

Exterior white side chapel with red roof
Renovated chapel in a small village. The white walls inspire calm and lightness

The chapel, located in a small Portuguese village, near the village of Ansião, was renovated by Bruno Dias Arquitectura, who guarantees a contemporary intervention whilst respecting the existing heritage and its architectural nature

Villa with concrete structure and corten facing windows
Villa in Montana. Corten, concrete and glass as a metaphor for the surrounding landscape

A villa perched on a mountain in Montana where the choice of the materials and structure emerge as a consequence of the conformation of the surrounding environment. The exterior of the house consists of a composition of Corten steel panels, concrete and large windows to capture the breathtaking views that the site offers

Metal panelled dwelling
Comfort and privacy in a dense urban setting. Perforated metal panels clad the home

The Arthur Casas Studio renovates a house for a young couple in São Paulo by cladding it in gold metal panels with perforations based on 19th-century leaf engraving, making the volume homogeneous and ensuring maximum privacy

Interior of a wooden house with panorama outside
Panoramic single-family house. Wooden Architecture overlooking the Sea

Built in the village of Caraquet, Les Jumelles are two small twin buildings built by the YH2 studio in Canada, to create a single-family house oriented towards the panoramic view of the Baie-des-Chaleurs

interior house cement wood
The present as a neutral moment suspended between the past and future. Evocative architecture in a house in Zenpukuji

The opportunity to design and inhabit one's own home is a precious opportunity for artists to experiment with unconventional and often poetic ways of living. This is the case of the House in Zenpukuji, a residential district in the hills of Tokyo, belonging to the designer couple of aoyagi design studio that was designed for themselves and their children

Tree house in wood
Treehouse in an urban setting. A regenerating place in vibrant Berlin

The "Urban Treehouse", conceived by the German studio Baumraum, is an experimental project based on a family initiative, with the aim of promoting new construction projects in harmony with nature even in urban contexts such as those of the city of Berlin

Picturesque Art Deco house. Asymmetries and spatial ambiguities inspire architectural harmony

A unique Art Deco house nestled in the urban fabric of Porto, Portugal, is redesigned by fala studio, which seeks to add clarity to a space that has undergone an irregular succession of renovations and expansions

19th century residence transformed into a shop
A historical nineteenth-century residence has been transformed. A space midway between the concept store and art gallery

An eclectic reinterpretation by the Vudalfieri-Saverino Partners studio which revolutionizes the luxury retail sector by designing a store for Delvaux, the oldest Belgian luxury leather goods company in the world

Circular bench continuous red
Continuous circular bench. Enhancement and renovation of a botanical garden

"Infinity Bench" is an installation by Azocar Catron Arquitectos designed for the Alejandro Merino Botanical Garden, near the Enrique Molina Garmendia School in Concepción, southern Chile with the aim of enhancing this space

Victorian terraced house restored
Renovation of an Italianate Victorian townhouse. Reviving historic charm

The new family home used as an office in the 1990s is audaciously renovated by Renato D'Ettorre Architects, who skillfully honor the building's historic charm with bold design changes

The restaurant area with furnishings belonging to the former bank
New Hotel in Budapest. The restyling of an urban monument

Two centuries ago, it was one of the most important buildings in the Hungarian capital. Its owner was a rich trader of tobacco, sugar and wheat and its designer, Adolf Feszty, was the most famous architect in the country

Wooden villa integrated with the landscape
Villa in the province of Brescia. Contemporaneity of living in relation to the landscape

The house is located near the "Passo del Cavallo", on a steep slope. Lightness, integration into the place, opening and closing are the design elements used by the architect Camillo Botticini

Beauty salon
Care, wellness and relaxation. Design of an evocative, ethereal and sensual space for a beauty salon

"Alma" is the interior design project for the Hair Spa Salon in Barcelona, by the Egue y Seta studio. A space with a soft atmosphere, delicate textures and sinuous curves, which ends up contributing to the overall experience of the beauty process

Wooden top with different gradients
One-story addition to a home. Three different slopes aligned with the existing parts

In Vaucresson, France, Rotunno Justman Architectes studio designs a new roof for an existing home equipped with different inclinations capable of lightening the addition and avoiding the massive, monolithic effect that would have "crushed" the existing house

Multifunctional center with wood-clad interior
From an industrial warehouse to a cultural center. Interior restyling of a warehouse through the use of wood

The "Nau", a recreational space located in the province of Barcelona is the result of the renovation of an industrial warehouse transformed into a cultural center by Meritxell Inaraja Arquitecta with the aim of promoting artistic and educational activities for young people

Villa with pool Los Angeles main view
Los Angeles Villa. Internalizing the landscape to experience the house as being one with nature

Composed of three pavilions connected by a series of glass corridors, this one-story residence becomes a residential oasis in the heart of Los Angeles. A villa integrated into the surrounding nature where the outdoor space is designed with the same attention as the interiors becoming one with the house

Summer residence in the pine trees
Summer residence in Tuscany. Material volume in the pine forest

Hidden in the pine forest of Marina di Castagneto, in a landscape setting of Tuscany and surrounded by dunes dotted with maritime pines, myrtles and holm oaks, a summer residence is renovated by the architecture studio Fiorido Massimo Associati

resort torres curvas vidrio
Resort in Tenerife. Topography outlines five buildings by blending the structure and terraces

Zooco Studio designs a resort in Tenerife taking advantage of the irregular shape of the terrain and the views. The terraces shades its organic structure and the basic materials such as white basalt and bamboo emphasize its forms. The project implemented in several phases has thus regained its identity

Contemporary wooden house in the trees
Contemporary home made of wood. Finnish nature gets involved in Architecture

Located on the rocky coast of a lake, Pulsar, the wooden house designed by VOID Architecture, is characterized by a full-height glass facade, which allows the surrounding nature to be part of the interior spaces

Hotel in South Tyrol
Reconstruction of Hotel Tofana in South Tyrol. A mountain source of inspiration for shapes and colors

In San Cassiano, a well-known tourist resort in Val Badia, Noa* studio has reconstructed Hotel Tofana inspired by the infinite facets that the mountain world offers to architecture and interior design

House with corrugated aluminium cladding
Formal simplicity and strong materiality. Wooden structure and corrugated aluminum cladding

"House for mother" is the first house completed by Förstberg Ling for his mother, a librarian and weaver, capable of cleverly contrasting the simplicity of form with the complexity of materials, which create a pattern of light and shadow

Small renovation with a unique design. Northern Lights ricochet through living spaces

The key to the design of this small renovation by Stukel Architecture is the ability to reflect light back into the interior, with a corner strip acting as a reflector to illuminate the living spaces

Enlargement historical museum
Futuristic expansion of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The white volume resembles the shape of a bathtub

The original design of the museum dates back to 1895 by A.W.Weissman and was restructured and expanded by Benthem Crouwel Architects, who designed a large white modern and spacious volume, also well-known because of its shape as a "bathtub"