Example of architecture
Example of architecture

Architectural projects

Since ancient times, architecture has occupied an extremely important position in human society. The architectural discipline was born to find practical solutions to the primary problems of the humans and of their communal life: the need to have shelter for themselves and for their loved ones; the need for a place to store tools, provisions, precious objects; that of organizing spaces, life and the defense of the community.

Starting from these fundamental needs, architecture evolved to deal also with what transcends the mere concrete aspect of an individual human life: the representation of power and its prestige, the cult of the divine, the intellectual life of a society. In this way, architecture has become an integral part of the artistic and cultural expression of a given civilization or era.

Architectural design is a process that is as logical as it is artistic. Firstly, it must be able to identify forms, materials and processes suitable for the creation of functional spaces in which man can carry out specific activities such as living, working, relaxing, taking care of himself (etc.). It is a wide-ranging scientific process: not only must it consider technical issues such as the choice of the right materials and compliance with current regulations, but it must also take into consideration the needs of human beings, which vary enormously according to the age of the people, their number and intended use.

Secondly - but no less important - an architectural project always has artistic connotations. The choice of colours, materials and shapes has a significant impact on people's perception of spaces and influences their attitudes and behavior in a cascading effect. Even the most functional building contributes - by the simple fact of existing - to determining the character of the space in which it stands and the behavior of the people who are inside and near it.

An architectural project naturally varies according to the different intended uses and the taste and ideas of the client. A business or a production site will tend to be built with the concept of functionality as its core. The head office of an institution or a large company will combine functional needs with representative and cultural ones. Residential architecture, on the other hand, will try to balance the need to accommodate a certain number of people in a given space in the most pleasant and comfortable way. While a HoReCa project will try to combine a functional aspect with a pleasant look to attract customers. And so on.

House by the sea with container extension
House by the sea in Spain. A container as an expansion and the luxury of the lagoon view

A small fishing house in the front line on a salt lake in the south of Spain was the perfect place to experience a new life, fulfilling the dream of the new owners, to live by the sea. The project envisages a low cost expansion thanks to the use of a container

Library Lafonce Maxone view stairs
Lafonce Bookshop - Maxone. The walls are covered with books and natural light for a unique cultural space

Located in the centre of China, Xi'an has been the capital of many Chinese dynasties, a place of great culture that continues to have the mission of "cradling" Chinese culture by incubating cultural and creative projects. On this basis, this bookshop is designed with walls covered with books on all four floors, creating a stunning and fascinating place

Structure of wine tasting
New wine tasting building. Breathtaking views of the Columbia River

In the heart of the Columbia Gorge in the United States amidst breathtaking views of sculptured mountains, an old warehouse is complemented by a new structure, which forms an outdoor courtyard and is the centrepiece of the project and welcomes visitors to the new wine tasting room

Wooden interior
Ecological semi-detached house. The compact architecture volume guarantees an excellent energy balance

MWArchitekten studio designs a sustainable house for two separate families on the site, the outcome of the architects' detailed study of the various types of housing that have developed over the generations

Offices with sofa tables and stained glass window
Interior renovation in Montreal. Windows and transparencies for a stimulating working environment

Provencher_Roy completes the architectural renovation of the Torre Montréal and the interior design of the new interior spaces dedicated to the online services of the Desjardins Movement, creating welcoming and bright working spaces in which work becomes enjoyable

university of denmark glass facade
School building for the Faroe Islands. Architecture like a vortex around a central patio

Big Studio creates a new building concept that develops on three levels, like a vortex around a central patio. It groups three different faculties while creating the ideal conditions for collaboration and interchange

Warner Music in Beijing
Warner Music in Beijing. A flexible and young "courtyard" to host music-related activities

Bean Buro was commissioned to design an innovative workplace for Warner Music in Beijing, China that would support their unique needs. This new environment is made up of holistic spatial compositions that convey the story of an intercultural business that focuses on the well-being and strong identity of employees to increase their commitment

Indoor sports center
Professional sports centre. The uncluttered interior urges you to focus on your training

The Cell sports centre is more than a gym for occasional training; it is a real professional personal training centre with nutritional and technical consultancy, designed by Arii Irie Architects studio in Tokyo, Japan

Round wooden villa
Rotating house in the province of Rimini. An experimental project made of Wood to achieve a zero energy balance

In the province of Rimini, architect Roberto Rossi has built a wooden house with a zero energy balance which can rotate 360°, enabling the solar panels to follow the movement of the sun and the inhabitants of the house to enjoy a constant new view

structure concrete skylight color
Volume and colour for a residence in England. The structure unfolds outwards like an open space

Architects Bureau de Change designs a concrete structure to create an expansion in a historical residence. The focal point is a prefabricated concrete roof that establishes a link with the landscaped environment and creates a pleasant view from the upper floors

company headquarters Durst facade cladding aluminum panels
New modern Headquarters for Durst. An organic building floating in the void to symbolize progress

monovolume architecture + design designs the new headquarters of Durst, a leading company in the field of digital printing systems. The idea is for an organic building that looks like an elongated and compact two-storey building culminating in a six-storey tower

Interior design hotel
Interior design of a hotel in Florence. Detailed design for every single piece of furniture

The interior design of the Tornabuoni Hotel in every detail, by the interior designer Andrea Auletta is a very recent creation for the starred hotel meant to host an international clientele

New building with a wooden top floor in Monza. Light and simple lines characterize the spaces

The project involved the construction of a new element in an urbanised area on the edge of the Monza Historical Park and near the famous Autodromo. The new volume made of XLam wood has been designed to make the most of sunlight and ensure the visual continuity of the roof in all spaces

open space metal library
Public space for cultural activities in China. Bookshops develop as paths and courtyards

In Fuzhou people used to meet under the trees to discuss, making the culture of the village rise together with nature. Waterfrom Design, project manager of Fuzhou Vanke Golden Field of International Reception Center takes this cue as the main conceptual axis

school expansion sports center
Sports centre integrated into the school building. A steel structure supports the new building

MAYU Architects has expanded a school centre in Taiwan where the new sports facilities, gym and swimming pool have been designed as an integral part of the previous structure, working on various levels of elevation in order to aesthetically renovate the existing building

The living area opens to the outside
A residence made of stone and glass in Australia. The "surface" makes the building appear almost ethereal

Studio Bearchitecture has designed a three-storey residence that almost seems to float, thanks to the perception of light penetrating through its granite facades, like a monolithic sculpture carved on a single stone

Musical Installation Bridge Forest Aluminum Tubes
Bridge as interactive tool. Anodized aluminium tubes moving in the wind

Mark Nixon of London-based studio Neon has transformed a bridge in Aarhus, Denmark, into a musical instrument by hanging metal tubes at the bottom. The musical bridge creates a surreal scenery accompanied by the sound that blends with the sounds of the forest

Internal restaurant
Expansion of a shopping centre in Uganda. Local materials for the delicatessen shop

"Le Gourmet" is the addition to the Quality Hill shopping centre by Localworks studio in Kampala, designed using local materials such as wood or clay bricks, which soften the otherwise industrial look of the interiors

Arvo Part Music Center
Arvo Pärt Centre in the middle of a pine forest. Link between music and architecture

The origin of the project for the Arvo Pärt Centre is the diocotomy between music and architecture, the search for a balance between the intimacy of the Estonian artist's compositions and the serene beauty of the landscape, characterised by tall pine trees

Blue and white interior
Small house hidden at the back of a modernist building. A focus on textures and materiality

Casa Zaire, a tiny hidden house on Rua do Zaire, in Porto, isolated from the street and urban life has been renovated by Paulo Moreira Architectures, who reconsidered the internal connections between the house's spaces

office tower glazed light ceiling
The fifth tallest building in the world is located in Seoul. Ethereal, luminous spaces and futuristic interiors

Penson completes the project for the Lotte World Tower in Seoul. The fifth tallest building in the world with its twenty-three floors. There are showrooms, luxury salons, bars and offices with a minimalist futuristic design whose focal point is the use of natural and non-natural light

Dwelling Australia
Expansion of an existing building in Melbourne. Private courtyard sheltered from the street

The project by the Australian studio mgao was carried out on a house that had undergone several poorly thought out expansions over the years. The previous additions were demolished to make room for a more functional one

studio office loft wood window red cables
Creative workspace in London. Terraced beds and roof garden for sustainability

Fraher& Findlay Architects present their workplace, where creativity is combined with the demands of domestic life and spaces are formed around them. The shape is the result of a detailed analysis of sunlight to ensure high levels of illumination

Warehouse with brick wall
An old renovated warehouse in Madrid. A combination of contemporary and historical elements

The project by the muka arquitectura studio as its objective aims at the special combination of contemporary elements, represented by the colour white with the more historical and ancient ones, which are depicted by the old historical walls of the basement

outdoor patio brick cladding
Staggered volumes for a house in Mexico. Palette of materials for outdoors and terraces

The proposal of BAC Barrio Arquitectura Ciudad exploits and strengthens the layout of the existing building, creating new volumes and covering the exterior/interior as a palette of materials, in which roofs are also an essential part of the design

facade bricks black models art decò
Fragmented brick facade for a building in London. A new vision of historical aesthetics

The Interlock is located in London's Fitzrovia, a new five-storey mixed-use building designed by architects Bureau de Change for the developer HGG London, a company founded to commission innovative architecture

interior with wooden walls of the bamboo building
Multipurpose building in Vietnam. Construction made of Soil and Bamboo within the congested urban areas

Bamboo & Earth, is a project started by H & P Architects in 2013 consisting of a series of buildings to create "welcoming spaces in congested urban areas". BE Friendly Space is an open space for the community that links aspects of culture and art

military complex recovered
Urban laboratory in Turin. Nineteenth century military complex between Co-Living & Co-Working

The international architecture and design studio Carlo Ratti Associati, has started the renovation of the former military complex from the 19th century in Turin, creating spaces for cohabitation and coworking.

Expansion of a visitor center
Wooden expansion in the Netherlands. The new Visitor Centre in the Castle

At the end of 2014, lab03, in cooperation with the contractor Somass, won the competition for a new visitor centre next to the historic Assumburg castle in Heemskerk, the Netherlands, whose construction was completed in 2015

villa infinity pool glass panorama
Luxurious Residence in the hills of Los Angeles. Glass walls and an overflowing pool

In the exclusive neighbourhood of West Hollywood, the Svetti Architecture Studio creates the interior of the luxurious villa overlooking Down Town in collaboration with Mary Ta and Lars Hypko, the histrionic owners of Mass Beverly and Minotti LA, where light and lightness are the key words