Example of architecture
Example of architecture

Architectural projects

Since ancient times, architecture has occupied an extremely important position in human society. The architectural discipline was born to find practical solutions to the primary problems of the humans and of their communal life: the need to have shelter for themselves and for their loved ones; the need for a place to store tools, provisions, precious objects; that of organizing spaces, life and the defense of the community.

Starting from these fundamental needs, architecture evolved to deal also with what transcends the mere concrete aspect of an individual human life: the representation of power and its prestige, the cult of the divine, the intellectual life of a society. In this way, architecture has become an integral part of the artistic and cultural expression of a given civilization or era.

Architectural design is a process that is as logical as it is artistic. Firstly, it must be able to identify forms, materials and processes suitable for the creation of functional spaces in which man can carry out specific activities such as living, working, relaxing, taking care of himself (etc.). It is a wide-ranging scientific process: not only must it consider technical issues such as the choice of the right materials and compliance with current regulations, but it must also take into consideration the needs of human beings, which vary enormously according to the age of the people, their number and intended use.

Secondly - but no less important - an architectural project always has artistic connotations. The choice of colours, materials and shapes has a significant impact on people's perception of spaces and influences their attitudes and behavior in a cascading effect. Even the most functional building contributes - by the simple fact of existing - to determining the character of the space in which it stands and the behavior of the people who are inside and near it.

An architectural project naturally varies according to the different intended uses and the taste and ideas of the client. A business or a production site will tend to be built with the concept of functionality as its core. The head office of an institution or a large company will combine functional needs with representative and cultural ones. Residential architecture, on the other hand, will try to balance the need to accommodate a certain number of people in a given space in the most pleasant and comfortable way. While a HoReCa project will try to combine a functional aspect with a pleasant look to attract customers. And so on.

Wooden house in the mountains
Holiday home in the Austrian mountains. A modern way of life in a traditional building

Austrian Stefan Schweighofer designs a holiday home under the imposing mountains of the Reticone, with a robust wooden construction, in which the right balance is sought between lifestyle and contemporary technology with the traditional type of construction

Museum interior
Museums with collections by the artist Peter Paul Rubens. The architecture is inspired by the exhibition layout

Ard de Vries Architecten designs spaces with a classic style as a backdrop for Peter Paul Rubens' unique collections of oil on panels, with classic and sublime yet contemporary coherence inspired by Leon Battista Alberti

Residential complex in wood
Three buildings built on a hill. Panoramic view of a mountainous landscape

In the Toyama prefecture, Velocity Studio designs between buildings with views of the nearby mountain, which surrounds the site on which they stand, where the mountain is part of the daily domestic scene for those who live there

dining room wooden ceiling
Expansion for two residences in Catalonia. Contrast between white material and wood

The unparelld'arquitectes studio has expanded this residence to create three houses with large and bright spaces thanks to the three levels of terraces. The materials of the horizontal surfaces, floor and ceiling, characterize the space in contrast with the white material of the walls

Centro cívico de arquitectura moderna
Joan Oliver Civic Centre in Barcelona. An expansion offers new spaces and activities

The building that houses the Civic Centre, built at the end of the 1990s was expanded by one floor by the PichArchitects architectural studio using light industrial elements to reduce waste and control quality and resources

sculpture coating round volume
Sustainable villa in India. The inner courtyard becomes an integral part of the project

Cadence Architects carries out the project with the intention of moving the garden inside the house as an integral part of the usable spaces. The large pergolas help to shade the double-height space and eliminate the blinding effect, while the green wall reduces the heat

Interior apartment of a residential complex
Residential complex in Massa-Carrara. Light and geometries design a new and dynamic façade

Pierattelli architectures explores the façades of a residential building, made of overhangs, recesses and splays, converting two buildings built at the turn of the 1940s and 1950s for residential use, redefining the existing volumes

Wooden cabin with triangular shape
Wooden cabin to relax. A zen space away from noisy cities

Hello Wood studio designs small wooden cabins, shaped like an A, with the idea of proposing a place for couples, single people or a group of friends where they can rest and relax away from the noise of the city

Wooden house covered with metal
Wooden house. Cedar-clad interiors create a warm and cosy look

The house located in the prefecture of Hyogo, Japan, it was designed by thu atelier. The spaces are flooded with soft, warm light, as are the interiors

indoor gym with sinuous shapes
Innovative structure dedicated to physical activity. Transparent walls and sinuous shapes characterize the space

Architect Gaspare Verna was commissioned by two dear friends to build a new, innovative structure dedicated to physical activity, Moveo, the result of in-depth studies of the context, materials to be used, architectural and regulatory constraints while respecting the client's wishes

Wooden dwelling
Wooden house in Norway. The interior as a new interpretation of the vernacular typology

On the outskirts of Trondheim in central Norway, in an area characterized by small wooden houses, Sanden+Hodnekvam Architects studio designs a building that adapts to tradition on the outside while reinterpreting it on the inside.

Wooden facade of a villa
Green Roof for a Villa in the Netherlands. Minimalist project with personality

On the outside, black defines the geometry of the house, not contrasting with its surroundings but conveying an idea of overbearing minimalism. This is how FilliéVerhoeven Architecten Studio reinterprets the building typology of the area in a modernist and elegant key

Houses with garden
Architecture that connects fragmented realities. Composition of orthogonal, diagonal and curved lines

Six houses, four identical and two distinctive, share a common garden, within a block, whose composition of the interior space is full of different and fragmented geometries and different materials.

Common area former industrial building
Conversion of a former industrial building. New work spaces for companies and start-ups

Close to Charleroi train station, Traumnouvelle designs autonomous workspaces from a discarded industrial building to a central public space dedicated to the common activities of this industrial ecosystem

Villa in contemporary wood
Wooden villa near the Baltic Sea. Local materials as well as contact with nature

The family villa, designed by DO Architects studio is located a few hundred metres from the Baltic Sea, where sand, pebbles and pines meet in a place full of views and sounds that enable you to get in touch with the surrounding nature

villa expansion
Villa in the countryside of Eboli. Double volume and interconnected geometric blocks

The Brunoarchitettura Studio redesigns an existing building starting from its basic volumes, then using the intersection of geometric blocks to create a double volume and spaces open to the outside, a continuum between internal and external architecture.

Modular hospital in wood
Emergency Hospital 19. A sustainable and autonomous hospital designed for the future of healthcare

Architect Filippo Taidelli develops the concept of a modular, flexible and autonomous hospital developed in a collaboration between Humanitas and Technit, with the desire to support hospital activities in emergency situations involving infectious diseases.

Interior in red brick
Small expansion in the back of a house. Interior cladding made of red bricks

In a house in south London, nimtim architects studio considered its clients' modest budget and designed a materially and spatially rich space, with a wooden structure and brick cladding

residence modules container assembly
Residence and modular elements. The assembling is designed to be unique every time

The Whitaker Studio, after the great success with the design of the Joshua Tree Residence, again proposes the modular scheme thinking of infinite variables that can be realized in any type of terrain and place and can be easily and quickly assembled

Renovated house in Lisbon
Sensitive restructuring in Lisbon. Modernity echoes the Portuguese context

The Dodged House in Lisbon, renovated by the Bureau Daniel Zamarbide studio, has a very distinctive modernity, based on its practice, the reflection of the Portuguese context in which it is located and characterised by a contemplative void inside.

Steel and wood cant
Expansion in Trentino. Steel and wood over-elevation

The project was developed by the Architects of Plasma Studio as a parasite that adopts the structure of its host and gradually distorts it to adapt to a unique organisation.

In India a forest in commemoration. Architecture and nature symbol of the rebirth

In Gujarat, the Sanghat Studio designs a park based on trees, the need to give them water, to guarantee an ecosystem. The cisterns thus become Architecture, a monument and a place of pilgrimage for the victims of the 2011 earthquake

old garage converted into green volume
Private space in Sondrio. A "green" volume on the slopes of the Rhaetian Alps

A "green" volume in the greenery, an old garage is renovated by Act_Romegialli Architects, who transform it into a pavilion used as a kitchen and space for conviviality

Community accommodation in Mexico City. The material of the structure defines the space

Dellekamp Arquitectos designs this community residence in Letrán Valle, Mexico City. The aim was to develop a different concept within the market range, offering a materiality and spatiality above the standards

suite luxury hotel wood cladding shower cabin
Prototype for a suite in Switzerland. Luxury through materials and sensory experience

Morphosis Architects proposes a sample room as a renovation of a series of suites for a hotel in Vals. The rooms have been redesigned by re-examining the concept of luxury, focusing on the scale of the furnishings, colour, touch and natural context.

Extension wooden house in the forest
Holiday home in the Netherlands. Sustainable architecture for a wooden expansion

The Bloot Architetecture studio renovates a holiday home dating back to 1950 in the Netherlands. The house surrounded by nature is expanded with a new wooden volume

Pavilion for temporary installation of tubes Flexi Duct Pump House
Tubes like arches for a pavilion in London. Union between engineering, art and education

Pump House Pavillon was created by the Neon Studio in collaboration with the students of Chestnut Grove. The aim was to demonstrate how art and design can find connections with science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Independent wooden house
Expansion of a detached house. Harmonious continuation between the old and new

The house, located in Hamamatsu, on the southern coast of central Japan, dating back to the early 1980s, is being expanded, with the aim of creating a harmonious blend of old and new, without contrasts.

House with glazed terrace
Replacing a 1970s roof. Modern roofing changes the appearance at the back of the building

Belgian architectural studio Poot Architectuur intervenes in the replacement of a roof in a dwelling, obtaining a result that significantly changes the appearance of the back of the building, creating an expansion of the kitchen and a covered terrace

MarePinetaResort in Milano Marittima with Friandre's slabs
MarePinetaResort in Milano Marittima. An icon of style, emblematic of the most exclusive hospitality

The MarePinetaResort is a historical hotel in Milano Marittima, built in the 1920s and recently given a new lease. The proprety chose Fiandre Architectural Surfaces because of the pioneering spirit that drives the brand and its ability to combine beauty and durability in every product.