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An urban architecture project is the connection point between the urban scale and the architectural scale. The urban project has as its objective the improvement of urban quality, followed by the improvement of the life of those who live in the place. The designer works on the connecting spaces between the architecture and the public urban space in which city life takes place.

Installation square
Installation at Nantes. The Aerial Sculpture overcomes gravity

Baptiste Debombourg plays with the chair, his presence in Nantes square, Place du Bouffay, inspires the artist Designer who creates a large aerial sculpture that goes against the force of gravity that usually portrays these objects, all anchored to the ground

lego house interior staircase
Lego House in Denmark. Architecture through the Game of imagining new worlds

The Big studio, made up of professionals of various kinds and nationalities, based in Copenhagen, New York and London has created a "Lego Museum" house with real bricks, bringing the brick module to an urban scale 

Sculpture in New Zealand
Sculpture in New Zealand. Elegant curves for the Park in the Kaipara port

Jacob's ladder is the name of the structure installed at the heart of the park. It is 34 metres high and built with a square section steel tube weighing 46 tonnes. It consists of 480 steel elements stacked on top of each other

Nautical center formentera lamellar structures
Sailing school in Formentera. Lamellar and tensile structures frame the bay

The Spanish architect MariàCastelló designed the Formentera Water Sports Center project starting from the connection between the Mediterranean Sea and the pond of the SesSalines Natural Park. Two volumes overlook the bay following its natural conformation

Burning Man 2020
Circular temple for the Burning Man. Wooden trusses and rings that filter the light

For the Burning Man 2020, the FR-EE Studio has designed a wooden temple, inspired by the ancient Greek word "holon", which means everything and part of everything. The project is illustrated in an ellipsoid that houses a smaller version of itself that serves as an altar