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An urban architecture project is the connection point between the urban scale and the architectural scale. The urban project has as its objective the improvement of urban quality, followed by the improvement of the life of those who live in the place. The designer works on the connecting spaces between the architecture and the public urban space in which city life takes place.

school expansion sports center
Sports centre integrated into the school building. A steel structure supports the new building

MAYU Architects has expanded a school centre in Taiwan where the new sports facilities, gym and swimming pool have been designed as an integral part of the previous structure, working on various levels of elevation in order to aesthetically renovate the existing building

open space metal library
Public space for cultural activities in China. Bookshops develop as paths and courtyards

In Fuzhou people used to meet under the trees to discuss, making the culture of the village rise together with nature. Waterfrom Design, project manager of Fuzhou Vanke Golden Field of International Reception Center takes this cue as the main conceptual axis

Musical Installation Bridge Forest Aluminum Tubes
Bridge as interactive tool. Anodized aluminium tubes moving in the wind

Mark Nixon of London-based studio Neon has transformed a bridge in Aarhus, Denmark, into a musical instrument by hanging metal tubes at the bottom. The musical bridge creates a surreal scenery accompanied by the sound that blends with the sounds of the forest

interior with wooden walls of the bamboo building
Multipurpose building in Vietnam. Construction made of Soil and Bamboo within the congested urban areas

Bamboo & Earth, is a project started by H & P Architects in 2013 consisting of a series of buildings to create "welcoming spaces in congested urban areas". BE Friendly Space is an open space for the community that links aspects of culture and art

In India a forest in commemoration. Architecture and nature symbol of the rebirth

In Gujarat, the Sanghat Studio designs a park based on trees, the need to give them water, to guarantee an ecosystem. The cisterns thus become Architecture, a monument and a place of pilgrimage for the victims of the 2011 earthquake

Pavilion for temporary installation of tubes Flexi Duct Pump House
Tubes like arches for a pavilion in London. Union between engineering, art and education

Pump House Pavillon was created by the Neon Studio in collaboration with the students of Chestnut Grove. The aim was to demonstrate how art and design can find connections with science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Latin American Art Museum Miami Project Terraces
A Museum for Latin American Art in Miami. Social meeting point through Architecture

In the Architectural Exhibition of Miami, characterized by the presence of a large Latin American community, the desire was expressed to create a museum dedicated to the art of this people, a project carried out by the Fr-ee Studio, which will be located in a new urban complex.

pavilion kinetic wood
Kinetic architecture in Finland. A pavilion for a relationship between man and nature

Shiver House, designed by the Neon Studio is a radical reinvention of the common Finnish refuge. The project is an "animal" kinetic structure that moves and adapts in response to the surrounding natural forces, creating a link between inhabitants and the natural world

Coating in colored tiles
Architecture and social role. A town hall that represents the unified identity

The artist Adam Nathaniel Furman, through this conceptual work, portrays an ideal town hall in which each element is articulated as a distinct architectural expression creating a tension between the whole and its parts, expressing the interaction in democracy between the need for consensus and shared values.

library various levels spherical auditorium cultural center
Cultural District for the City of Tianjin in China. Waterfall Bookstores and Social Space

The MVRDV Studio collaborates with Tianjin Urban Planning and Design Institute to create the Tianjin Binhai Library as part of a masterplan. A cultural district for the city, whose project concerns a spherical auditorium, where the library merges with the social space.

Shanghai event stage
Stage for the creative district of Shanghai. A colourful combination of geometry and materiality

For the first time the Atelier Yok Yok Studio has created a temporary pavilion in Shanghai, in the artistic district of Changning. A stage like a cobalt muffin destined to host concerts and open-air events.

Minimum maximum permanent pavilion
Aluminum cladding for a pavilion. Curves and lightness dominate the angles

Minma | Maxima is a permanent Pavilion created by Marc Fornes/Theverymany, for World Expo 2017. The structure captivates the visitor in a playful way, transporting them into a bizarre future that makes them to no longer themselves and gives them a feeling of naive astonishment

cloister garden
Garden in France. Textile Structure blends with Light and Curiosity

A bewitching garden in Cahors, in France unravels, stretching under the gaze of curious passer-bys. The sacred architecture that overlooks it is concretized here in all its dematerialized dimensions

pavilion installation stand design interior surfaces
Architecture, light and matter. A spectacular clay installation with a combination of surfaces

Raytrace, designed by the Layer Design Studio is a powerful demonstration of how materials can be used as architectural elements and not just as interior surfaces. The interplay of caustic patterns on the surface shows how space comes to life with light.

Crematorium Belgium concrete and marble
Light and marble for a crematorium in Belgium. An oasis of peace articulated by forms

KAAN Architecten have designed the new Siesegem Crematorium on the outskirts of Aalst. The building is a sequence of spaces in a symbiotic relationship with the quiet environment. The crematorium merges with trees and shrubs that line the perimeter of the surrounding park.

Aluminium tubes for a Stand. The suspension system creates movement as curtains.

Designer Pedro García Martínez designed this ephemeral exhibition pavilion for a company dedicated to the production of aluminium windows and carpentry elements. He used the ductile and light material to create an interplay of suspended elements that seem to move in a vacuum.

Kindergarten in the English countryside. Project between Design, Novels and Animated Illustrations

A children's school in England was designed by Studio De Rosee Sa to meet the need for a new multifunctional space to accommodate children. The project is based on one of their favorite animated films, Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Soaring Farm Cultural
Porcelain stoneware for an installation in Sicily. A fragmented wall made of thirty colours

Alberonero's project for Farm Cultural Park is an explosion of colours that cover the wall of a building. A palette of porcelain stoneware climbs up the white facade creating a new vision of architecture whose significance is the loss of limits

Structure in glossy white aluminum
Fluid mesh installation for the Bruges triennial. A form of Liquid Architecture

Non Lin / Lin is a work created by the Artist Marc Fornest / The very Many, set up in the FRAC Centre in Bruges for the 2018 triennial, where the installation is the centrepiece of an exhibition of other architectural works whose theme was "Liquid Architectures"

White volume between two historic buildings
Meeting point of different identities. White volume between two historic buildings

The architect Aires Mateus designs, within a historical block where different periods and identities coexist, a building capable of communicating with the convent and neighboring industrial buildings, in a wise and elegant way

university islamic studies qatar
Faculty of Islamic Studies in Qatar. Architecture becomes pivotal for Didactics and Worship

The Faculty of Islamic Studies in Qatar is located at the Education City Campus in Doha, based on the designs of the MYAA Architects. Architecture has quickly become a focal point not only for students, but for the community as well

memorial park art architecture
Memorial Park. Art & Architecture blend into urban sculpture

A work that exemplifies the power of fusion between art and architecture in Abu Dhabi. The first Memorial Park for the United Arab Emirates to celebrate brave soldiers and other Emirates serving the nation was awarded the 2017 American Architecture Prize.

court pavilion set up
The inaugural pavilion of the French Festival. Between sequences, perceptions and emotions

The edition of the Festival des Architectures Vives, a pavilion is constructed in the courtyard of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montpellier, in the city center by ØNA Architecture

modernist religious building
Religious centre in Portugal. Natural and artificial light for the liturgical atmosphere

The Pastoral Centre of Moscavide in Portugal is an example of contemporary architecture created by Plano Humano Arquitectos where the atmosphere becomes ethereal, liturgical and iconographic.

The outdoor park with colored flooring 2
In Beijing, a traditional courtyard has been transformed into a kindergarten. Urban fantasy between the old and new

MAD Architects have designed a "Courtyard Kindergarten" in Beijing, a kindergarten and playground both located on the site of a traditional Siheyuan courtyard dating back to 1725. The design is characterized by a "floating dynamic" roof that surrounds the historic courtyard

Installation square
Installation at Nantes. The Aerial Sculpture overcomes gravity

Baptiste Debombourg plays with the chair, his presence in Nantes square, Place du Bouffay, inspires the artist Designer who creates a large aerial sculpture that goes against the force of gravity that usually portrays these objects, all anchored to the ground

lego house interior staircase
Lego House in Denmark. Architecture through the Game of imagining new worlds

The Big studio, made up of professionals of various kinds and nationalities, based in Copenhagen, New York and London has created a "Lego Museum" house with real bricks, bringing the brick module to an urban scale 

Sculpture in New Zealand
Sculpture in New Zealand. Elegant curves for the Park in the Kaipara port

Jacob's ladder is the name of the structure installed at the heart of the park. It is 34 metres high and built with a square section steel tube weighing 46 tonnes. It consists of 480 steel elements stacked on top of each other

Nautical center formentera lamellar structures
Sailing school in Formentera. Lamellar and tensile structures frame the bay

The Spanish architect MariàCastelló designed the Formentera Water Sports Center project starting from the connection between the Mediterranean Sea and the pond of the SesSalines Natural Park. Two volumes overlook the bay following its natural conformation

Burning Man 2020
Circular temple for the Burning Man. Wooden trusses and rings that filter the light

For the Burning Man 2020, the FR-EE Studio has designed a wooden temple, inspired by the ancient Greek word "holon", which means everything and part of everything. The project is illustrated in an ellipsoid that houses a smaller version of itself that serves as an altar

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