A design object is designed with the intention of satisfying a specific need. The concept of intention is fundamental: design reasons by procedures, that is, it establishes a set of operations whose characteristics are determined by a precise purpose that must be clearly understood upstream of the process.

To achieve the purpose, the design object must be capable of being produced, reproduced and used by the public. Production, reproducibility, dissemination and consumption, therefore, are intrinsic phases of the design process.

sweets with 3d models
Desserts which look like miniature architectures. A mix of geometric shapes, colours and 3D moulds

Cake Designer Dinara Kasko designs silicone shaped cakes, by using 3D printing technology, creating "quick-consumption" design objects, while making the act of eating look like an artistic performance

ceramic heart vase
A heart for design. Faithful and ironic representation of human "nature"

Designer Marcantonio designs for Seletti a porcelain object that accurately depicts the human heart, a tribute to lovers and love in general, designed to adorn the houses by becoming a vase

industrial design research laboratory
Research laboratory in Shanghai. Interior design retraces history

Powerlong Ideas Lab, designed by Studio X+Living, wants to be a learning laboratory that combines research and technological development. Starting from the factories of the "Age of Steam", tanks, pipes and pedestrian platforms are included in the project.

Mouse with lamp
Invasion of mice and monkeys with Lighting. Lights that turn your home into a fairytale world

Seletti, the leading pop brand in Italian design continues to experiment with new technologies and through partnerships with designers. Marcantonio designs the Mouse Lamp and Monkey Lamp series which are naturally inspired by combining dreams and reality

Graphic art exhibition
Colour processing and visual language. Emotional impact of chromatic iterations

Through the use of minimal, essential and synthetic forms, Alberonero reduces the elements of his visual language to geometric compositions, proposing a specific reinterpretation of space also through the use of colour, thus defining a new aesthetic

Minimal design objects inspired by Chinese pictograms
Objects of Minimal Design. Radical shapes according to Chinese traditions and pictograms

Japanese designer Oki Sato, founder of Nendo, has designed this collection on the occassion Maison&Objet 2018, a series of objects inspired by Chinese tradition and pictograms, conceived to enrich spaces and fill them with an unusual charm

retail cardboard furniture project
Retail in Singapore. Cardboard as a structural and illuminating material

An experimental furniture showroom concept using recyclable materials and new technologies presented by the student designer Larry Teo of Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore.

Oru Kayak origami industrial design technology
Kayak like an origami. The boat folds up into a backpack to explore the world around us

Oru Kayak is a California-based company with headquarters in San Francisco. In an effort to ensure that as many people as possible can explore nature in an easy way, it has created this collection of kayaks that close like an origami and can be transported like a backpack

urban photography Miami interior palm curtain
Photography and Ecosystem in Miami. The transformation of the coast between natural and built landscapes

The photographer Anastasia Samoylova provides evidence of climate change through her work. The project, which began in Miami in 2016, generated a process of analysis through which the artist understood the dissonance between the real estate market and the invasion of the ocean

cassina furniture Räaction Poätique Collection Le Corbusier
Organic design for Cassina. A collection inspired by the Le Corbusier architecture

Jaime Hayon presents a new collection of objects for Cassina inspired by the organic forms of Le Corbusier's architecture and esprit nouveau paintings: centrepieces, trays and coffee tables in black stained ash with a low-gloss finish

Table and chairs furniture
Multifunctional interior. For the young, active and creative family

Israeli designers Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer have created a colourful environment. They demonstrate how a space can be used perfectly for both parents and children, for both work and play

robot bar
Bionic Bar in Turin. New Robotic Interactions Design

The MakrShakr bar system was designed by award-winning studio Carlo RattiAssociati, which combines the robotics of the future with the roots of Italian design

polycarbonate seating collection Bouncy Layers
Seats made from polycarbonate sheets. A collection of soft and geometric shapes

Studio nendo designs Bouncy Layers, a collection of chairs and furniture, where the concept of upholstery is reworked through the use of polycarbonate sheets, which due to the skillful use of lamination and folding its softness can be modified

LED for " intelligent " light. Web app manages connectivity and lighting

LED lamp with a contemporary design developed by Designer Pierre Garner of eliumstudio. The lamp reinvents the broadband Internet connection with a strong security and without harmful electromagnetic waves

reinterpreted logo graphics
A game of Logos. A reinterpretation using the designer's ironic vision

Viktor Hertz designs this series of Logos, which are nothing more than a new interpretation of well-known brands that he wants to turn into "honest", by unmasking their actual brand and product intentions with his graphic irony

Photography and architecture photos from the bottom up
Photography and Architecture. Details and glimpses to be seen upwards, between lights and shadows through the camera

Details that we see every day, captured by the camera of French artist Maxime Loriel, who describes how architecture can make our spaces beautiful if we know how to view it

Zero Scooter
Design and mobility. A vision of contemporary aesthetics for an urban driving style

Scooter Zero was conceived from the idea of creating the first self-balancing scooter project inspired by Corradino D'Ascanio's Design and his passion for aerodynamic designs, in other words a vision of aesthetics that has lasted over time and can design the future

Magnetic frame sketch
A magnetic frame like a miniature room. Light as a furnishing element

The Japanese designer nendo designs a collection of lamps for Flos with the emblematic name "gaku", which means frame, as is its design, simple minimalist, whose complexity lies in the high versatility of the object

Pictograms and illustrations
Pictograms and illustrations. A view of life through signs and interpretation

Viktor Hertz always impresses with his ironic and pungent graphics, by sending us "visual" signals that are meant to be interpreted, letting us reflect on the contemporary world full of signs and symbols

Electric tricycle
Creative Recycling and Design. A new form of mobility for the electric tricycle MOVI

The future for Bel & Bel is a balance between cutting-edge technology and renewable energy: it can give rise to a new form of mobility, while respecting the environment, for this reason they apply the principles of the three "Rs": Reduction, Reuse, Recycling

jewels as works of art
Jewelry like artworks. Timeless expression of femininity with geometric lines

The Florentine designer, Angela Caputi, gives life to her creations which originated from an ancient passion for fashion and the desire to communicate with women, inspired by American cinema dating back to the first half of the 20th century

Olivetti headquarters in Ivrea staircase
Olivetti and Architecture. A cultural and social history through photography

Olivetti's universe is revisited through the images of his architecture, designed by the Architect Photographer Gianluca Giordano who with his work goes beyond representation and is the first photographer to apply for a Compasso d'oro (Golden Compass)

Illustrations and portraits
Monsters in a world of Selfie. Society and separation through illustration

In an era in which separation and diversity are increasingly evident, Daniele Davitti, a multifaceted artist, depicts his Monsters that are nothing more than our nightmares, as a "scream" to draw attention to today's society

Urban cargo bicycle
Cargo bicycle for the city. A new pedaling system to make the bike more responsive

The designer Riccardo Randi addresses the problem of how a means of transportation such as a bicycle can be used as a cargo in cities. By changing the driving position, Kangaroo's concept uses the space between the pedals as a loading area

Carbon bicycle with aerodynamic shapes
Art, movement and aesthetics. A bicycle that defies conventional design with a retro style

Ecce-Cycles has used the hand of its designer Pierre Lallemand to create a new concept of velocipede, revisiting the Streamlining design of the 20s and 30s where an object for everyday use becomes a piece of enigmatic design

The bicycle with the wooden frame
Bicycle which looks like a sandwich. Stratified plywood frames for a home-made velocipede

"The Sandwichbike" was conceived by Basten Leijh, designer of Sandwichbikes, who is inspired by the concept of flat packaging and self-assembly at home, creating a unique and innovative product in spite of the classicity of the object

bookstore and work of art
Homage to antiquity. Plaster reproduction of the Venus of Arles between hidden games

The Chilean artist, Sebastian Errazuriz, with this work creates a provocation on the debate of art by transforming a statue of inestimable value into a functional design, overcoming the boundaries of classification and deliberately descending into the banal

Mobile touch application
Mobile application for the digital identity. A control on the information to be disclosed

Bridge is an Application, created by Designer Reto Togni, that archives, verifies and protects the identification. By using it, people can enter data into a system that works as an identification agency

Pantone colors and 3D graphics
Minimalist pink and blue. Pastel colours for a new 3D view of the world

Umberto Daina proposes its minimalist world through the use of two pastel colours, pink and blue, an invitation to see the world through another, sweeter perspective. Its objects seem to hover in the air and its skulls have a gentle soul

Music and pictograms
Music transformed into pictograms. As if the songs were a graphic design

Graphic designer Viktor Herz continues to impress with his graphic work and in this case transforms famous songs into graphics that do not represent the title, at times in an ironic way, at times in a provocative way

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