Example of housing architecture
Example of housing architecture

Housing Architecture

Housing architecture is the field of architecture whose purpose is the study and construction of spaces - houses - in which people can live. Here you will find new stories and projects from all over the world that address these issues in many different ways: home renovations that observe long-standing traditions, housing projects that challenge existing paradigms, vernacular architecture, modularity, eco and minimal. All this is housing architecture.

Residential architecture is one of the most important fields of architecture, which aims to create buildings for people to live in. These are projects that use a variety of disciplines, such as building geometry, structures, natural and artificial lighting, outdoor landscaping and accessibility. An architect must consider all these factors to create a comfortable and safe place for people to live.

The fundamental elements for residential architectural design are:

  • Choosing the right site: variables such as potable water and drainage, access to main roads must be taken into consideration. The architect should also take into account the environmental regulations in force in the country concerned.
  • Size of the structure: the size of the building will also depend on the individual preferences of the users: they can be luxury buildings with large internal spaces or very small individual homes to be furnished with space-saving solutions
  • Available budget: factor to be considered in establishing the most innovative construction materials and technologies to be used in the building.

In stylistic terms, the architectural styles most commonly applied to residential architecture include the American or European colonial style, the Italian or German modernist style; but lately contemporary and ecologically aware styles such as sustainable or bioclimatic styles are spreading more and more. Naturally, there is no shortage of hybrid styles that mix the different styles together to create solutions that are increasingly suited to the expectations of end users.


Interior apartment of a residential complex
Residential complex in Massa-Carrara. Light and geometries design a new and dynamic façade

Pierattelli architectures explores the façades of a residential building, made of overhangs, recesses and splays, converting two buildings built at the turn of the 1940s and 1950s for residential use, redefining the existing volumes

Houses with garden
Architecture that connects fragmented realities. Composition of orthogonal, diagonal and curved lines

Six houses, four identical and two distinctive, share a common garden, within a block, whose composition of the interior space is full of different and fragmented geometries and different materials.

villa expansion
Villa in the countryside of Eboli. Double volume and interconnected geometric blocks

The Brunoarchitettura Studio redesigns an existing building starting from its basic volumes, then using the intersection of geometric blocks to create a double volume and spaces open to the outside, a continuum between internal and external architecture.

residence modules container assembly
Residence and modular elements. The assembling is designed to be unique every time

The Whitaker Studio, after the great success with the design of the Joshua Tree Residence, again proposes the modular scheme thinking of infinite variables that can be realized in any type of terrain and place and can be easily and quickly assembled

old garage converted into green volume
Private space in Sondrio. A "green" volume on the slopes of the Rhaetian Alps

A "green" volume in the greenery, an old garage is renovated by Act_Romegialli Architects, who transform it into a pavilion used as a kitchen and space for conviviality

Community accommodation in Mexico City. The material of the structure defines the space

Dellekamp Arquitectos designs this community residence in Letrán Valle, Mexico City. The aim was to develop a different concept within the market range, offering a materiality and spatiality above the standards

double volume stairs wood and cement cladding
Bunker House in Australia. The brutalist texture eliminates the need for decoration

Due to the use of cement finishes and the elimination of ornamentation, this building, designed by Matt Woods, has been nicknamed "the concrete bunker", in which the geometric interiors are designed to celebrate the district's industrial heritage

Grandtower in Frankfurt whit Porcelaingres Tiles
Grandtower in Frankfurt. A skyscraper under exclusive construction as the finishes that characterize it

The GrandTower, which will be the tallest residential building in Germany, will also be furnished with tiles from Porcelaingres. It is currently being built in Frankfurt am Main, where multi-storey buildings of various types already characterise the impressive skyline.

stilt technology energy sources tides solar panels
Architecture, sea and energy sources. Housing solution against natural disasters

Currents for Currents, designed by the Dada Studio, is a housing solution for vulnerable coastal communities where homes are powered by the tides and solar energy collected by technologies incorporated within the units themselves.

edific organic forms
Building in Athens between urban and natural. The architecture respects the surrounding environment

One Kleomenous is designed by the Omniview Studio as a response to a new way of thinking about architecture, not only focused on functionality if not for its task: the building must harmonize with the aesthetics that surrounds it, merging urbanization and nature.

The large exterior window on two levels
Expansion of a villa on Lake Michigan. A Cottage resting on the dunes

The Von Weise Associates studio carries out the complete renovation of a home located inside a critical dune site on the shores of Lake Michigan, transforming it into a large cottage of almost 5.000 sqm.

Staircase in concrete and red balustrade
Villa in Puerto Escondido. Tropical vegetation and outdoor living for the Relax Design

The location of the house, between the beach and tropical vegetation, are the basis of the project by Studio Cadaval & Solà-Morales: a reinforced concrete building that flexibly opens and closes to the outside, blending with it.

tone house on the outskirts
Single Family House in Mexico. Organic Stone Module on a "Lunar" Scenario

Casa Meztitla is a project by Studio Edaa, created to welcome the family, move away from the world and immerse yourself in the flowers of bougainvillea, in a valley on the outskirts of Tepoztlán.

Black metal structure on the terrace
Contemporary multi-family architecture in Mexico. Modernist tiles for a reflective aesthetic

The Edaa Studio reworks a multi-family building in Mexico City, mixing contemporary architecture with shiny cladding: a black square façade that blends in with the setting.

Living in a garage in Amsterdam. The light penetrates from the roof, between shadows and matter

In one of the most beautiful districts of Amsterdam, a 230m2 garage is converted to accommodation by i29 Architects. Openings on the roof and a large patio bring light inside, between plays of shadows the material defines the space.

london glass building exterior
Industrial approach for a house in London. The staircase becomes the fulcrum of the project

Fraher Architects re-elaborates the layout of the house by adding a basement, where the staircase becomes the central core and becomes a furnishing element. The use of the material was influenced by the proximity to the first surrounding Victorian buildings

Chicago skyscraper with sinuous shapes
Skyscraper in Chicago. Terraces with an undulating layout to capture breathtaking views

This new skyscraper stands in the Skyline of Chicago and has become an icon. With its curvy cantilevered terrace, it appears to move between the lights and shadows, giving the building a sculptural appearance.

minimalist house girona spain cantilevered concrete structure
Extruded volumes for a Villa in Girona. Cantilevered terraces and glazed geometries overlooking the lake

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos designs this architecture with strong geometries, where the structure defines spaces and functions. The cantilevered upper floor creates a patio on the ground floor that provides shade to the living area of the house, from where you can take advantage of the panoramic view

Villa with pool
“ Fazenda" house in Brazil. The Overhang made of reinforced concrete merges with the Stone

Located in Porto Feliz, Casa Pasqua is a modernist project by MK27 Studio, which merges reinforced concrete with stone, to integrate with nature and make it penetrate into the house, through large openings and unlimited spaces.

residence lying on the slope of a plot
Residence in Vancouver. Re-interpreting Western Coast Modernism

Located west of Vancouver, Canada, the Cranley Drive Residence is a one-storey building on the same floor with large openings that ensure that a large amount of natural light enters

Cement holiday home patio
Vacation home like a Bunker. In Puerto Escondido the cement integrates with the vegetation

Zicatela House is a project by the Ludwig Godefroy Architecture Studio, located on top of a hill in front of Zicatela beach near Puerto Escondido. The concrete outlines the architecture, between breathtaking views and a swimming pool integrated into the layout, between paths and bridges.

House of an artist
Farmhouse in Lanzarote. A house for an artist, with pigments of colours, tradition and modernity

César Manrique chooses an old farmhouse to transform it into his home and his studio, reinterpreting the traditional style through his point of view as a multifaceted artist, a house that dwells between the past and the future

Single family house in red brick
Single-family house in Hanoi. A red brick pattern to blur the boundaries between inside and outside

A house made of red bricks, designed by H&P Architects studio that reworks the traditional Vietnamese brick constructions, to create a filter structure with the surrounding environment, to model "a place" in an artificial way

wooden beams and concrete pillars pool
Sculptural architecture in Spain. Grid of pillars and beams envelops the central core

From the collaboration between the Sanahuja& Partners studio and the Dutch sculptor Xander, was born the project of this Villa located near the Natural Park of Peñagolosa, in Spain. The architecture is shaped by the iron pillars and wooden beams that surround the house

Connection between houses
A connection between residences in Holland. New materials strengthen the old ones

The architects of Mei Architects and Planners connect the upper floor of a historic building on Lange Nieuwstraat in Schiedam with a monumental warehouse purchased by the same client Van Stigt Thans

White house in the mountains of Valencia
House on the mountains in Valencia. "White "Fragment" emerges from the Landscape

Integrated in the territory, like a fragment that comes off the ground, this house by the Fran Silvestre Arquitectos Studio, exploits the space freeing itself in the void and highlighting with its Archtecture the inclined slopes of the mountain

In Cadiz a villa on the edge of the sea. Architecture emerges as a stone platform

The Villa, designed by the Alberto Campo Baeza Studio, rises like an infinite plane on the edge of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, built as if it were a pier on the seafront. The travertine structure blends in with the sand and the pool looks like a continuum of the sea

patio connection travertine cladding
A villa between stone and nature in Miami. The volumes open onto the courtyards like continuous spaces

A rooftop pool and tropical nature in the courtyards. The two-storey villa, designed by Oppenheim Architects, overlooks the sea with its glass windows and travertine cladding, creating a continuous interior and exterior

Henninger Tower of Frankfurt with Wicona glass elements
The Henninger Tower in Frankfurt. Industrial atmosphere and glazed elements in the facade

The project, which sees the rebirth of Frankfurt's iconic landmark tower, is characterised by façade and window systems that meet high performance requirements. A safe and high-performance building in terms of thermal and acoustic properties.

villa mexico central patio
In Mexico a Villa surrounded by greenery. The natural architecture defines the project

A house for the Week End where the two volumes are developed around a central patio. Studio Dellekamp Arquitectos makes nature the protagonist of the project, respecting its architecture and accentuating it with materials and open views towards the lake.