Example of housing architecture
Example of housing architecture

Housing Architecture

Housing architecture is the field of architecture whose purpose is the study and construction of spaces - houses - in which people can live. Here you will find new stories and projects from all over the world that address these issues in many different ways: home renovations that observe long-standing traditions, housing projects that challenge existing paradigms, vernacular architecture, modularity, eco and minimal. All this is housing architecture.

Residential architecture is one of the most important fields of architecture, which aims to create buildings for people to live in. These are projects that use a variety of disciplines, such as building geometry, structures, natural and artificial lighting, outdoor landscaping and accessibility. An architect must consider all these factors to create a comfortable and safe place for people to live.

The fundamental elements for residential architectural design are:

  • Choosing the right site: variables such as potable water and drainage, access to main roads must be taken into consideration. The architect should also take into account the environmental regulations in force in the country concerned.
  • Size of the structure: the size of the building will also depend on the individual preferences of the users: they can be luxury buildings with large internal spaces or very small individual homes to be furnished with space-saving solutions
  • Available budget: factor to be considered in establishing the most innovative construction materials and technologies to be used in the building.

In stylistic terms, the architectural styles most commonly applied to residential architecture include the American or European colonial style, the Italian or German modernist style; but lately contemporary and ecologically aware styles such as sustainable or bioclimatic styles are spreading more and more. Naturally, there is no shortage of hybrid styles that mix the different styles together to create solutions that are increasingly suited to the expectations of end users.


glass house x concrete structure
House X in Barcelona. Perfect integration between architecture and nature

A thoughtful research process has given this architecture a unique form. Located in Cabrils near Barcelona, it expresses the perfect harmony between contemporary architecture and nature

Villa in Quebec with lights inside
Demolition and Reconstruction for the Villa in Quebec. Modern structures and rough finishes

Bourgeois Lechasseur Architects have built a villa anchored on the mountainside in Lac-Beauport, Quebec province in Canada. The project is inspired by the site, the sloping roof and the geometry of the structures are integrated into the environment

sensory architecture
Single-family houses in Andalusia. Sensory architecture: between light and shadow

Located in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, in the community of Alosno, Huelva, Spain, the building renovated by the architectural studio Castillo Oli relying on sensory architecture

minimal white wood kitchen
Living in 9 sqm. The Italian mini house for the new generations of urban nomads

Created by the young Architect Leonardo Di Chiara, the mini mobile home explores alternative strategies of urban land planning, such as the creation of migratory districts dedicated to the new generations of urban nomads.

external cladding of wooden slats
Villa in the forests of San Paolo. Architecture as a connection with nature

Located in the rainforest, the project of Studiomk27 aimed to insert the house in a mountainous profile, with the aim of creating a connection between architecture and nature, favouring the view towards the ocean and the incidence of sunlight.

Fusion of architecture, art and crafts
Art and culture merge in a Residence in Australia. Vintage house with a modern twist

Through the use of new textures and by merging Architecture, Art and Handicraft, BeArchitecture Studio gives a new life to a historical house, thanks to a new expansion, transforming it into a contemporary residence, where the use of materials emphasizes its forms.

Terrace wood cladding
An urban village like a pueblo in Madrid. Urban and private space merge

The MK27 Studio planned a new development on the outskirts of Madrid. The aim was to create a type of habitat where houses would be freely arranged around a network of public spaces to create a new type of public life.

stacked containers with wood finish
Futurist architecture on an island in China. Containers and grids overlap

The Xu Xujun Studio designs a residence with the superimposition of old containers, in which the space is created by their offset volumes, connected by balconies and wooden frames. the new "boxes" generate a modern and futuristic building.

open scape window and pool
Air, shade and glass for a Minimalist House in Cadiz. The structure blends in with its surroundings

Fran Silvestre Architect designed this elegant architecture with minimalist forms in Cadiz, the house stands out among the "shadows" created by the floor plan and the roof, the air penetrates on each side, filtered by the immense glass windows.

suspended roof covering in wood
Paraboloid like a leaf for a house in Costa Rica. The fleet structure overlooking the forest

Floating Leaf House, called so because it rises above the ground for 70% of its structure, is a project by Lsd Architects Studio. The building is located near Playa Tamarindo, an area located within a "green corridor" that connects the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Helical tower with stratified structure
Tower like a monument. Helical structure that symbolizes the access "door" to the city

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos studio has created this project proposal with the aim of creating a model building, capable of traversing time and with its organic forms, adapting to physical conditions, making the most of its capabilities

Torre de cristal centro multifuncional
Tower with multi-purpose use in Amsterdam. Project related to a human expansion

Amsterdam's Overamstel industrial district is destined to become an urban district, but for this reason it needs to be redesigned to accommodate more people. It is for this reason that Studioninedots has designed the Black Swan Tower, which will house offices, shops and homes

Library that divides the space of the attic  
Artistic residence in Zurich. Modifiable spaces and interconnection between volumes and materials

In the new emerging district of Zurich, called Nuova Soho, the Locatelli Partners Studio, with Franca Sozzani's artistic skills, transform a duplex through the use of completely different materials and geometric volumes that intersect

Flat roof and windows along the whole house
Villa as a glazed volume in Valencia. Diaphanous structure framed by light

Located near Valencia, close to the sea, Studio Fran Silvestre Arquitectos develops the project by exploiting the surrounding landscape and creating external glass walls, but protecting them with a cantilevered structure that becomes the centerpiece of the project

The house on the lake with a terrace
Renovation by the San Francisco Bay. New flexible spaces for the Haiku House

The SHED studio renovates and redesigns the dynamism of a villa at the center of a property composed of four distinct structures, located between gardens of local and exotic plants, extending from the cliff to the bay

library glass balustrade parquet
Recovery of a medieval building in the Marche region. Evolution with respect to tradition

The structure, a building of medieval origin located in Montelupone in the Marches, which has been subject to various changes in use over time, is the focus of renovation work by the architect Andrea Stortoni, in collaboration with the architect Michela Kumka

Stone cladding for a luxury villa
Modernist Villa in Holland. Large openings and stone cladding for a Luxury Design

The Dutch studio Grosfeld van der Velde Architects has designed this building based on their belief in the great value of architecture, both in the theme of sustainability and theme of aesthetics, in order to respect and raise awareness in the environment

Full and empty for a villa in Udine
Detached villa in Udine. Light and Stone used for the building immersed in the Countryside

A Detached Villa designed by Architect Antonio Guarneri, who chooses to work with stone and water, to reflect the space and blend in with the natural surroundings, almost as if to represent a ship immersed in a sea of cultivated fields

Wooden and glass shelter
Refuge in Trentino. Glazed facades to blend in with the landscape

Glass, wood, stone and metal are the components of this refuge at the Tonale Pass. A complete integration with its natural surroundings, thanks to the transparency and reflection of glass

Interior Roman villa renovated by Archside
Renovation of a Roman villa. Stained glass, stone and wood in order to "live in the open air"

In a residential area of Rome, the single-family villa, which is the protagonist of the renovation is surrounded by nature. The stone, wood and large windows contribute to create an environment that becomes one with the external landscape