Jewels Design


Jewels design is the section of Arkitecture on web dedicated to covering the latest collections and trends in that field of design, whose focus is the conception and creation of objects for people to wear. 

So - you might ask - why is there a page on an architecture website that looks into jewels design?

The answer lies in the fact that both disciplines share the same essence. 

Architecture and jewelry design are but two faces of the same art of conceiving shapes and volumes, of bringing them into the physical world, and of promoting a meaningful dialogue between said shapes and volumes and what surrounds them - the environment in the case of architecture, the human body in the case of jewels design.

In the articles you find in this section, we move from this common ground in order to investigate the many ways in which jewels design is akin to architecture. 


About Jewels Design (and architecture)


Jewels design is the art of conceiving, drawing and crafting jewels out of various materials, both precious (gold, silver, ivory, ebony, pearl, gems) and common (aluminum, steel, rubber, glass, evn plastic).

Ever since the dawn of civilization there has been a clear dialogue between jewelry and architecture. From ancient Egypt’s scarab pendants and greek-roman cameos, to twentieth century Art Nouveau rings and present-day minimal necklaces, jewels design and architecture have always participated together to the cultural Zeitgeist of each epoch.

The one - architecture - focusing on the macro, the other - jewels design - focusing on the micro. 

Testament to this ever ongoing dialogue are the many cases in which personalities from both disciplines joined forces or dabbled in each other’s field. 

Famous neo-futurist architect Zaha Hadid designed, in 2013, two rings for swiss jewelry firm Caspita’s Skein Collection, and later worked closely with Georg Jensen, designing the eight pieces of the 2016 Lamellae Collection.

Chinese artist and designer Ai Wei Wei worked both in architecture - notoriously - and also jewels design. While his partnership with Herzog & De Mouron (Beijing National Stadium) is rather well known, less known is his work with Elisabetta Cipriani, which brought to the creation of the Rebar in Gold collection, dedicated to victims of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.

These are but two - very famous - examples of the lasting relationship between architecture and jewelry design. 


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