"Habitacion Fundamental' for a surf camp. 21 prefabricated elements in a living module

"Habitacion Fundamental" is the prototype of a tourist expansion project by the Republica PortaTil studio for surf camp "Puntas del Maule", located in the centre of the Chilean coast in the town of Pelluhue

The waves from the Pacific Ocean on the Chilean coast of Pelluhe are an enticing attraction for countless surfers from all over the world, who stay at the "Puntas del Maule" surf camp. "Habitation Fundamental" is the project for the expansion of the surf camp: a modular wooden construction suitable for short stays and designed by the República Portátil studio

The proposed model not only responds to a need for expansion, but also serves to test the effects of the constant wind and high levels of humidity that the prototype has to cope with. The facades of the housing module are designed on the basis of prefabricated panels consisting of 21 elements, transferred to a truck and assembled in two and a half days

The panels were designed on the basis of thermal insulation. They correspond to a chamber lined with waterproof rubberized fabric, with 12 cm thick mats installed in each of the wooden panels that make up the sloping floors and the horizontal framework of the shelter. For the faces that make up the front walls, a thermal insulation consisting of a double chamber of honeycomb polycarbonate was designed while preserving an air space between them

The living module incorporates 8 poles that elevate the cabin and are made up of four frames that have been processed using the Shou Sugi Ban technique, a traditional Japanese process that involves carbonising the surfaces to protect them from climatic and biological agents that damage the wood. "Habitation Fundamental" is a basic unit incorporated into future progressive modules