Example of wooden architecture
Example of wooden architecture

Wooden buildings and works

Wood architecture is the section of arkitectureonweb dedicated to all those architectural and design projects that choose this material as the central element of the project. A way of building that has been continuously expanding in recent years thanks to the countless advantages it brings: energy saving, sustainability, lightness, speed of construction and good seismic and fire resistance behavior.

Architecture with wood is a form of construction that is based on the use of natural materials to create sustainable and environmentally responsible buildings. Wood offers many benefits as a renewable natural resource, including ease of processing, resistance to moisture and insects, thermal insulation and durability. Additionally, wood provides a warm, comfortable environment that encourages health and well-being.

Various types of wood such as oak, spruce or pine are used in wood architecture. Each offers different advantages in terms of aesthetics or characteristics of the final product.

The interesting thing is that this type of architecture can be used in multiple ways: from traditional load-bearing structures to modern prefabricated houses that can be built in a relatively short time.

But what are the main construction systems for building wooden buildings?

The Xlam structure: it is a massive technique which provides for the use of load-bearing elements inside the wooden buildings made up of multilayer panels, whose static behavior is similar to that of slabs.

The Block House technique, one of the first used, is a massive solution and involves the overlapping of heavy wooden elements, once trunks, stuck together.

The frame construction system is a lightweight solution that involves the construction of a load-bearing skeleton with non-load-bearing infill panels.

The Platform Frame construction system allows the construction of wooden buildings up to 4 floors high in a short period of time. The load-bearing walls are made up of wooden beams at regular intervals, closed by rigid wood or plaster-based panels.


Israeli restaurant with wooden interiors
Casual wooden interior for an Israeli restaurant. Fresh greys and natural greens

The architecture and design studio Crème designs the spaces around the kitchen of the Israeli restaurant "Mint Kitchen", letting customers witness the care and focus of the chefs on each dish, thanks to the multi-level chairs

corporate headquarters in wood
Company headquarters in Chile. A structure between glulam and X-pillars

DX Arquitectos and Del Sante Arquitectos Architectural studios work together to design a corporate office and warehouse complex in Chile, focusing on the image of the company's desired wooden architectural structure

Modern cabins with traditional shapes. The architecture evokes characters and sensations

Renée delGaudio Architecture studio, when designing the wooden cabins in Colorado evokes the romantic images conveyed by the word "cabin", as family and history attempt to embody traditional values in its architecture

Circular pavilion covered in wood. Exhibition spaces for expositions and competitions

The architectural studio MAYU Architects is the creator of the Blossom Pavillion, located in Taiwan, in a plain surrounded by a beautiful landscape, with a circular shape, strongly characterized by the vertical wooden slats covering

design-building-residence-complex-slats-wood-organic-innovation-construction-nature-interior-exterior-living-sun- movement-privacy-facade
Organic construction in Amsterdam. The movement of the sun generates the parametric form

Freebooter was designed and developed by the GG-loop studio and is the result of the study of times responding to a concept of the wellness project, in which all the components are the union between tradition and environment

wooden house with sloping roof
Wooden house on the outskirts of Munich. Pitched roof and traditional motifs

The wooden house in a former village on the outskirts of Munich, designed by Almannai Fischer Architekten studio, with its limited architectural scope is based on an existing building line with a pitched roof inspired by traditional forms

Meditation and contact with nature. A prefabricated wooden pavilion

The wooden pavilion, designed by the Brazilian studio DT estudio in Sao Paulo, responds to the needs of its clients, who wanted a pavilion as an isolated block, where they could mediate and be in contact with nature

Dwelling in the Alps
Alpine landscape and environmental harmony. Living in the Austrian mountains

The architecture studio mia2 architektur designs a wooden house among the Austrian alpine landscapes which is solid, simple and complex at the same time, capable of harmoniously connecting with the surrounding landscape

Traditional wooden building surrounded by Swiss nature
Expansion and restyling in Switzerland. Combination of tradition, wood and nature

The architectural studio Iso Hunder in its projects and specifically in the restyling and expansion project "Camping in Trun", with its elegant and poetic lines, is always focused on the search for harmony with history as well as with the site

Wooden interior with glazed area
Effectively designed space. Harmony between living and storage spaces

The house is designed by the Alts Design Office studio, in order to create in addition to adequate living spaces for five people even spaces for storage inside the house, trying not to sacrifice space for the family

Wooden cross inside the Chapel at the Venice Biennale covered in gold leaves
Chapel at the Venice Biennale. The Christian cross becomes a structural element

Teronobu Fujimori designs one of the chapels for the "Vatican Chapels" exhibition at the Venice Biennale. The architect puts the wooden cross, a symbol of Christianity at the centre of his concept, making it a structural part of the building

Wooden box with window
Wooden box as an extension. Old and new forms coexist in harmony

A wooden box, designed by the Moloney Architects architectural studio located in Australia, represents the contemporary extension of a Victorian home, and meets the different needs of the resident family with more spacious environments

Wooden recreational building in the countryside
Offices that do not neglect recreational time. Meeting points and relaxation areas

The architectural studio heri&salli in the design of the new office building in Burgenland, Austria, on behalf of a design company, considers the free time of the workers as a focal point in the development of its project

Wooden house surrounded by nature
Rigid exteriors and cosy interiors. Wooden house surrounded by nature

The house, with a simple and compact shape, designed by the architectural studio mw works, stands on an existing foundation and is immersed in the forest, overlooking the Hood canal and the Dabob bay in the United States

Residence in wood and stone
Wood and stone residence in the United States. Simple shapes with modern design

The Samsel Architects studio was inspired by traditional prairie motifs to design this residence in South Carolina. The predominant theme is horizontal lines and the substantial presence of wood, which makes it modern, simple and welcoming

Chalet in wood and stone
Natural Materials for two Chalets in France. The project involves the matter and its surroundings

Architect Alessandro Rovagna designs the two chalets, located in the village of La Salle Les Alpes, with a preference for wood and natural materials. By adapting the material to the project and the project to the material, it creates a perfect combination between the material and the environment

Wooden residence in the forest
Pyramidal house in Finland. Balance between contemporary design and traditional materials

The house, designed by Void Architecture is built on steep ground. The solution adopted was to construct a wooden building around a pure geometric shape, the pyramid, which strongly characterizes it, culminating in a glass observatory

Home in warm wood
Dwelling made from warm wood. Project for wide spaces and bright views

The project of the single-family house, intended for a family with two children and located in Osaka, is entrusted to the Japanese studio arbol, which, thanks to the use of wood can create spaces full of tranquility and relaxation

Prefabricated wooden module
Prefabricated module dedicated to learning. Environmental education in parks

Numerous localities in the province of Barcelona are the setting for a wooden module, a multi-purpose space that hosts activities dedicated to school groups and families with the aim of teaching environmental education

Wooden house with large opening
Outdoor atmosphere in the centre of the residence. A Japanese style garden project

The main objective of the Alts Design Office architectural studio's project for the residence was to recreate a garden inside the building capable of evoking atmospheres and sensations originating from the external landscape

Wooden and concrete cottage
Wood and cement for a cottage in France. High energy efficienct architecture

The project which was already underway has been reworked by the architect Patrice Bideau to adapt to the new energy regulations. Starting from a combined wooden and concrete frame, it was decided to build a highly energy-efficient house in a protected environmental area

Rectangular wooden house
A house designed like a dress in Austria. The wood is shaped from the exterior to the interior

The geometry of the house is spontaneously developed by following its surroundings, the slope, the view, the trees. So Innauer Matt Architekten studio designed the house following the basic and essential geometries where the rooms are separated but never completely divided

Cabin on a slope
Cantilevered cabin on a slope. Prefabrication and complex geometries

On a granite outcrop in the mountains of New Hampshire stands the award-winning wooden cabin, designed by I-Kanda Architects architectural studio, overhanging on a steep slope and oriented towards the surrounding landscape

Extension of a wooden house
New spaces for Living and Dining in the centre of Melbourne. Restyling and dwelling comfort

A house and a terrace on the ground floor, in the centre of the city of Melbourne, Australia, is the main focus of the project, where the most important element is unquestionably wood, used mainly for decorative purposes

Wooden multi-family building
Multi-family building in the Canton of Ticino. High quality and low environmental impact

A new condominium built by LignoAlp near Lugano, "Residenza Fermata 21", it integrates perfectly with the surroundings and houses eight very spacious apartments with a wonderful panoramic view of the surrounding nature and the city

Holiday home in Sweden
Summer house in a Swedish bay. Renovation of a cabin dating back to the '50s

The existing house, dating back to the mid-twentieth century situated in a bay with a lively atmosphere on a slope between the forest and the sea is reworked by the architect Tina Bergman, who makes the house accessible in all seasons

Wooden house on the outskirts
Barn, oak trees and panoramic view. Project of a house in the suburbs

The Hammock House, designed by Samsels Architects and located on a 40-acre farm, orientates its living spaces according to the position of the oak trees surrounding the house and the needs of the contracting family

Wooden and concrete cottage
Cottage on the border between pine forests and vines. Environmental and landscape integration

The cottage, designed by Ramón Esteve Estudio, is located in a natural setting, on the outskirts of a village in the municipality of Fontanars, combining the idea of a traditional rural house with a pitched roof with the concept of contemporary space

Wooden extension of a school
New wooden school building in Tokyo. Large common spaces to foster relationships

The famous Toho Gakuen music school in Tokyo is expanded with a new wooden building designed by architect Kengo Kuma, who selects different essences according to their specific purpose for the project

Terrace on the sea in Sicily
Wood for the House in Sicily. The wall that separates the inside and outside

The tuttiarchitetti studio in Acireale, Sicily, has carried out a project inside a residence where the border between inside and outside is created by a wooden architectural element