Example of wooden architecture
Example of wooden architecture

Wooden buildings and works

Wood architecture is the section of arkitectureonweb dedicated to all those architectural and design projects that choose this material as the central element of the project. A way of building that has been continuously expanding in recent years thanks to the countless advantages it brings: energy saving, sustainability, lightness, speed of construction and good seismic and fire resistance behavior.

Architecture with wood is a form of construction that is based on the use of natural materials to create sustainable and environmentally responsible buildings. Wood offers many benefits as a renewable natural resource, including ease of processing, resistance to moisture and insects, thermal insulation and durability. Additionally, wood provides a warm, comfortable environment that encourages health and well-being.

Various types of wood such as oak, spruce or pine are used in wood architecture. Each offers different advantages in terms of aesthetics or characteristics of the final product.

The interesting thing is that this type of architecture can be used in multiple ways: from traditional load-bearing structures to modern prefabricated houses that can be built in a relatively short time.

But what are the main construction systems for building wooden buildings?

The Xlam structure: it is a massive technique which provides for the use of load-bearing elements inside the wooden buildings made up of multilayer panels, whose static behavior is similar to that of slabs.

The Block House technique, one of the first used, is a massive solution and involves the overlapping of heavy wooden elements, once trunks, stuck together.

The frame construction system is a lightweight solution that involves the construction of a load-bearing skeleton with non-load-bearing infill panels.

The Platform Frame construction system allows the construction of wooden buildings up to 4 floors high in a short period of time. The load-bearing walls are made up of wooden beams at regular intervals, closed by rigid wood or plaster-based panels.


Holiday home in Sweden
Summer house in a Swedish bay. Renovation of a cabin dating back to the '50s

The existing house, dating back to the mid-twentieth century situated in a bay with a lively atmosphere on a slope between the forest and the sea is reworked by the architect Tina Bergman, who makes the house accessible in all seasons

Wooden house on the outskirts
Barn, oak trees and panoramic view. Project of a house in the suburbs

The Hammock House, designed by Samsels Architects and located on a 40-acre farm, orientates its living spaces according to the position of the oak trees surrounding the house and the needs of the contracting family

Wooden and concrete cottage
Cottage on the border between pine forests and vines. Environmental and landscape integration

The cottage, designed by Ramón Esteve Estudio, is located in a natural setting, on the outskirts of a village in the municipality of Fontanars, combining the idea of a traditional rural house with a pitched roof with the concept of contemporary space

Wooden extension of a school
New wooden school building in Tokyo. Large common spaces to foster relationships

The famous Toho Gakuen music school in Tokyo is expanded with a new wooden building designed by architect Kengo Kuma, who selects different essences according to their specific purpose for the project

Terrace on the sea in Sicily
Wood for the House in Sicily. The wall that separates the inside and outside

The tuttiarchitetti studio in Acireale, Sicily, has carried out a project inside a residence where the border between inside and outside is created by a wooden architectural element

Wooden extension for a home
Wooden extension in Bolzano. New living volume for energy efficiency

Architect Manuel Benedikter meets the client's needs, by renovating only half of his own semi-detached house energetically and creating two distinct housing units in Trentino Alto Adige, one for his parents and one for his son

Wooden residences on the Dolomites
Residential complex in the heart of the Dolomites. Wood and copper for the building that blends in with the environment

PLASMAstudio designs a residential complex that, thanks to the use of materials and the link with the environmental conformation, it maintains a local character until it completely merges with the evocative context of the Sesto Dolomites

Discoteca en Montreal
Nightclub in Montreal. The solid simplicity of wood in fusion food and K-hip-hop

Granadara Bar is the outcome of the transformation of a vast space that was abandoned for six years in the city of Montreal, in a warm and comfortable environment, thanks to the solid simplicity of wood by the Jean De Lessard design studio

Elementary school with bay window
Wooden extension for the School in Veneto. The most advanced technology for education

The new school in Pieve di Soligo, in the province of Treviso, was designed by Architect Stefano Zara as a small village school made up of elements differentiated by shape, volume, materials and colours that overlook the internal squares and the landscape

House in wood and stone
House in Czech Republic. Wood and stone enhance tradition

Stempel & Tesar Architekti are designing a wooden house with an elementary geometry in the Czech Republic. The architects recreate the housing typology of the local history, enhancing it with the main materials: wood and stone

Renovation of a historic building
Old tannery in the province of Bolzano. Historical atmosphere for a technological house

The architect Franz Kosta uses old wooden materials that have been upgraded. The house is located in Salorno, in the province of Bolzano, and is open to the landscape with the aim of establishing an osmotic connection between the built environment and nature

Wooden villa
Wooden Villa on the island of Formentera. Between Bioclimatic and Natural Materials

On a plot of land close to Migjorn beach, on the south coast of the island of Formentera, architect Marià Castelló Martínez has built a villa by the sea that focuses on the duality of bioclimatic systems and natural materials to protect the environment

Contemporary residence in the forest
Dwelling in the Forest of Norway. Contemporary style inspired by the Site and Tradition

Atelier Oslo architects design a house in the Krokskogen forest, near the town of Hønefoss in Norway. Its location on a steep slope offers a fantastic view of Lake Steinsfjorden

Wooden residence
Residential Architecture made of Wood. Designed in Japan to withstand harsh winters

Architect Sasaki works in Japan and many of his works are carried out in Hokkaido, a city known for its cold winters. The environment has a great impact on his architecture and he distinguishes it with "anti-freeze" systems

Microstructure for bees
Rural microstructure in the province of Belluno. The Wooden House of the Bees

Architect Massimiliano Dell'Olivo built a microstructure in Canale d'Agordo, in the province of Belluno, Veneto, having always observed an urbanistic teaching in the community life of bees with the motto "union makes strength"

Wooden refuge in nature
Wooden building in the Netherlands. Hidden shelter in the park

Located in Utrecht, in the Noorderpark Park in the Netherlands, the building, designed and built by cc-studio, offers a warm and airy shelter for volunteers who carry out routine maintenance of the park when wet and tired

Wooden staircase in an internal courtyard in Milan
Endless staircase in Milan. Extraordinary structure made of hardwood

The intriguing structure inspired by Escher's drawings was designed by de Rijke Marsch Morgan Architects (dRMM). The staircase is made up of a series of interconnected ramps made of solid wood panels with crossed layers

Wooden tower in Nigeria
Wooden Tower in Nigeria. Project of forty thousand square meters all in Wood

HKA - Hermann Kamte & Associates, the architecture studio, unveils the first wooden skyscraper in Africa. The Wooden Tower of Lagos, a city in Nigeria is among the winners of the inaugural WAFX Award

Lake in Trentino
Park in Trentino. Integration element between architecture and Natural context

In the municipality of Monclassico, the ZanellaArchitettura Studio in collaboration with architects Paola Wegher and Anja Werner create a simple and compact rectangular structure used as a bar and services and spread over two floors with a bathtub.

wooden and glass structure
Wooden Residence in Moscow. The Structure is inspired by Nature

Architects Alexander Ryabskiy and Ksenia Kharitonova's FAS(t) studio in Russia's Moscow Region have designed a building with a wooden structure. The uniform rhythm of the wooden supports characterizes the façade, inspired by the trees of the forest

wooden glass restaurant
The Architecture is inspired by the Art of the Origami. Wooden kiosk in Luxembourg

A folded sheet of paper that meets the needs of the project, while creating a relationship with the old and opening up to the surrounding nature: this is the concept of Metaform Architetti's project for the kiosk/restaurant in Bridel, Luxembourg

Luxury resort on the Alps
Luxury resort in the Kitzbühel Alps. Intimate atmospheres between Stone and Wood

The Kaiserlodge in Sheffau, on the Kitzbühel Alps is the project by architect Marco Holzer, who reinvents the traditional elements of a mountain hotel, revolutionizing the concept of a luxury holiday and opening it up to a freer and more flexible culture

Wooden volume with large window
Wooden volume projected onto the landscape. Framed outdoor landscape

The concept of the house, which stands on the shores of a lake, starts from the analysis and consideration of the external space, with its climatic conditions. In particular, the large window on the landscape projecting the inhabitants on the outside views