Radiant heating systems Caldobenessere Oltremateria

CALDOBENESSERE is a heating system with radiant surfaces that was created to satisfy the user’s need to combine technology with aesthetic effect with maximum comfort and very low thickness, ensuring a high efficiency in the floors, coverings and furnishing accessories. Self-generating elements shall be designed to consume only the amount of energy necessary to maintain the temperature at an ideal level, The continuous maintenance of a uniform temperature ensures greater efficiency compared to a system with switching on and off cycles.

The CALDOBENESSERE system does not require the installation of the gas meter, boilers, collectors, zone valves, flues and gas pipes. STRIP is a low-energy heating system (retractable under floor or under floor covering) consisting of heating strips made of an innovative self-regulating polymer that, by virtue of its uniqueness, heats up when the electric current passes to 24, 36 or 230 volts. STRIP is available in the INDOOR version supported by an electronic power supply or by solar or wind power and in the OUTDOOR version it works directly with the mains voltage. FRAME is instead a heating system consisting of decorative heating modules with low energy consumption that can be installed on a pillar, ceiling, or wall, with a single element you can heat an environment of 6 to 12 square meters. The panels emit beneficial infrared rays in all directions, “saturating” the room which assumes a uniform temperature also in height.