Chiangmai Life Construction Co.

326 Thanon Kan Klong, Nong Kwai, Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai 50230, Thailandia

Chiangmai Life Architects and Construction specializes in architectural constructions in bamboo and earth. Headquartered in Thailand, the company is divided into two structures: CLA (Chiangmai Life Architects) designs and CLC (Chiangmai Life Construction) builds large bamboo structures as large trusses for rooms, eco-resorts, villas, houses, schools and offices and factory spaces. We favor organic and fluid designs, they believe in the superior functionality of natural materials: earth, bamboo, rocks, wood and any combination of these. At the same time, sustainable designs and lifestyle are important hallmarks of their projects. The philosophy is to increase the quality of life of the customer by using natural materials combined with a modern, light and clean architecture. The indispensable and sustainable architecture are natural consequences of the architecture of bamboo and earth where in the center there is the use of common sense and not the need to follow any doctrine. They use natural materials because they make more sense to the individual and to the rest of the world. They provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, last a long time, create a feeling of warmth. At the same time we embrace every useful progress and knowledge that humanity has produced over the years. Concrete is the best basic material, but the main factors for the job are still the creative human mind and the expert hands. Modern technology and lifestyle can be easily integrated with bamboo and earth architecture. First comes the customer's need, the desired function, the space, the materials. All these factors are considered in the right order until the shape and design evolve through a process. When using earth and bamboo as building materials, nature is approached in many ways. For the architecture of earth and bamboo it is essential to understand the interaction of these materials with the elements. This is "Life Construction