Via Evangelista Torricelli 35, 37136 Verona VR, Italia

The Easytech company is a company that deals with plant engineering, responsible and ecological, able to devise innovative solutions sensitive to the well-being of people, environmentally friendly and open to a way of living in constant change.

Easytech srl was born in 2014 from the meeting of architect Saverio Antonini, specialized in sustainable architecture, and of engineer Tiziano Milani, specialized in advanced plant engineering. Starting from their considerations on the standard systems, the excessive weight and the scarce availability of water, they manage to devise an electric radiant floor heating system, very light and adaptable to any structural situation.

Innovative and responsible system
Easytech is a simple system for use, in production and operation. The proposed systems work only thanks to electricity, as well as being revolutionary in management, consumption and maintenance costs. Thanks to the design of its own home automation system, each room can be managed simply and independently, heating where it is needed and when needed.

Attention to the Environment
The advanced architecture and plant design of this young company demonstrates a strong sensitivity towards the environment. The materials used are environmentally friendly, easy to produce and to dispose of, 99% recyclable. Easytech systems do not produce C02, they do not use water or gas, and they are certified systems that do not emit electromagnetic fields.