Iris Ceramica Fiandre floor coverings
Maximum Forniture

It’s no longer enough to cover walls and floors. 

Colour, shape, texture. We create the elements which architects and interior designers will skilfully weave together to enhance the world we live in. Advanced technologies, sophisticated materials and insight into design trends are how Fiandre® defines its contribution to contemporary architecture. Innovative materials with special finishes transform space into a dimension in which the designer turns light into a moving sculpture. When the spirit of creativity merges with the strength of excellent materials, a designer can be sure to freely express his professional flair to the full. Rediscovering space is achieved when the customary limits are redefined. Timeless solutions for interior and exterior design are created when you can choose the best elements to support your talent. Fiandre® materials are conceived to encourage customisation without limits. Before the Architect gets to enjoy a wealth of potential applications, we provide the ingredients for ultimate creativity. Veining is achieved thanks to the advanced production techniques which enable Fiandre® porcelain stoneware to evoke the same breathtaking emotions as natural quarried stones. Low porosity allows polishing in order to obtain extraordinary surface effects. Our materials will enhance your creative solutions.