Monocrystalline PV panels

Monocrystalline silicon panels are mainly used in residential environments, where space is limited. This is because they are more efficient than the polycrystalline modules in fact they have a greater power to parity of dimension. The 300 Watt module is the most used for residential, with 10 of these modules you get to 3 kilowatts which is the average requirement for each user. 

The FU300-315 panels ( 60 cells) are particularly suitable for residential installations thanks to the increased efficiency and the possibility to install more power even on limited spaces. The FU320-330M NEXT and FU360-400M NEXT (360-400 Watt - 72 cells) are part of the brand new high efficiency NEXT line with increased cells particularly suitable for residential installations. The FU300-310M All Black (300-310 Watt - 60 cells) and the FU315-330M NEXT – All Black (315-330 Watt - 60 cells) are perfectly matched by their completely black design and special architectural requirements. The FU310-330M Silk (310-330 Watt - Silk - 60 cells) in monocrystalline silicon with 12 busbars are the new generation of high-efficiency PV modules that produce greater efficiency even in low-irradiation conditions. With the FU340-380M (380 Watt - 72 cell) panels it is possible to obtain power up to 380Wp and are optimized for low radiation. The FU300-310MIT panels (300 Watt - 60 cells - Made in EU) are produced in Europe and allow you to install more power even in smaller spaces.