Alessandro Tagnani

Milano, Italia

Since 2004: Legal representative, administrator.
Technical manager with the following tasks: Technical support to design studies, distributors and agents regarding the choice of insulating packages to be realized through thermohygrometric verification of opaque structures; study, development and design of new thermo-reflective materials, analysis of test methods and laboratory tests to be carried out at major institutions (Giordano Institute, CSI, Omeco), study and implementation of on-site tests in collaboration with ANIT (National Association of Thermal and Acoustic Insulation), member of TC89/Working Group 13 at CEN (European Committee for Standards) as an expert for Italy on thermo-reflective insulation.
Commercial: Technical/commercial support part of the sales network, organization and participation in fairs and events, direct management of customers and more representative yards.
Speaker at various conferences and seminars organized by:
ANTA (Associazione Nazionale termotecnici e aerotecnici),
Faculty of Environmental Architecture Polytechnic of Milan headquarters of Piacenza, from ANIT (National Association of Thermal and Acoustic Insulation), in Milan during the Made Expo Fair, at the confartigianato of Vicenza.
Lecturer at the School of Craftsmen and SMEs of ForlìCesena and Rimini in the framework of the training project“Construction site technician coordinator of sustainable redevelopment.
Speaker at the online seminar (webinar) entitled (Architectural recovery– Internal insulation and constrained buildings)speaker at the Training Conference for freelance professionals organized by the College of Geographers and Graduates of the Province of Perugia and Order of Architects of the Province of Perugia.

From 1997 to 2004 : MTN s.p.A – Milan
Commercial and technical division insulation.
Development of materials and methods of application of the same according to Italian construction needs, analysis of methods of certification of products both from the thermal and acoustic point of view, distribution and sale of products with the related creation of a new sales network, technical/commercial support to agents, organization of conferences and training courses at clients, participation in fairs and events.
From September 1992
Diploma of maturity Technique: expert in thermotechnical industrial master