Ventilated facades GHS2

The GHS2 ventilated façade is the coating system that granitech has designed to install 2 cm thick porcelain stoneware sheets dry. The invisible anchorage is realized by cutting the upper and lower ribs of the slabs, where to insert the mechanical controls. The metal structure supporting the façade is as follows:

  •  L-anchor brackets, anchored on the existing structure of the building according to the facade layout by means of mechanical or chemical anchors.
  • Thermal spacer in shaped polypropylene, to be placed between the anchoring bracket and the wall of the building to avoid the thermal bridge
  • Black painted posts with T-section, fixed by stainless steel rivets to the L-shaped brackets described above
  • Accessories for invisible fixing of plates

The thickness of this construction system is about 10 cm and inside the gap it is possible to provide the insertion of a layer of insulation, whose characteristics are defined by the thermotechnical.