Drop ceiling materials
Drop ceiling materials

Drop ceilings and partitions

Drop ceilings and partitions are fundamental elements of the internal architecture of a building.

Partitions have the function of separating spaces within an environment, defining functionally distinct rooms and areas. The false ceilings, on the other hand, form the upper suspended part of the rooms. The choice of material that will make up the drop ceilings and partitions is fundamental in the process of designing interior spaces.

The most common types are plasterboard, wood, metal and stainless steel. Plasterboard is mainly used for the construction of non-fire resistant partition walls and false ceilings; wood is used more frequently for the construction of shower cubicles and walk-in closets; while stainless steel is used in the construction of fire doors or accident prevention windows. Furthermore, both structures can be enriched with materials such as glass or decorative resin to give a touch of aesthetics to the environment.

The technical details concerning the false ceilings and partitions vary considerably according to the needs of the project to be carried out.

Thanks to an accurate preliminary study of the project, it is possible to choose customized solutions that respond to the specific design needs to be obtained.