Materials for floors and coverages
Materials for floors and coverages

Floors and coverages

Floors and coverings are essential components in any architectural project. They can have a dramatic impact on the quality of space and provide the right atmosphere for any room. Choosing appropriate floor and wall coverings can also enhance the aesthetic value of buildings.

Floors consist of solid material with a smooth, flat surface, which is laid over the floor base or sub-floor. The most commonly used materials for floors are ceramic tiles, parquet, linoleum, natural stone, terracotta, bamboo and rubber mats. Each of these materials has specific characteristics that must be considered before making the final choice.

The coverings are partially breathable, surface finishes that are applied to the floor to give it a pleasant appearance. There are many types of coatings available. Each of these materials allows architects to create comfortable, well-defined spaces through the selection of the right paint or tint shade for the specified project.

Floors and coverings are crucial elements for any architectural project as they influence the aesthetic aspect of the project more than many other technological factors.