Renovation and restoration materials
Renovation and restoration materials

Renovation and restoration

Restoration is the repair and maintenance of buildings to preserve their structural and functional integrity. It can be made using traditional or innovative materials, based on the characteristics of the project to be restored. Work on historic buildings also requires great attention to detail and the quality of the final finish of the treated surfaces.

When done correctly, a building renovation can dramatically improve an otherwise outdated space. From creating more efficient interiors to exterior facelifts, renovations can help a building regain its former glory. At the very least, it is important that buildings are refurbished so that they remain structurally safe and habitable for years to come.

The improvements made by renovations and restorations can bring enormous benefits to the inhabitants of the buildings involved: the sanitation conditions become more comfortable and productive, while the architectural heritage is preserved over time in all its original beauty.

However, modern construction provides high-tech products precisely to meet this challenge.