Interior Architecture


Interior Architecture on Arkitecture on Web is the section dedicated to keeping track of and analyzing the latest trends in the field of architecture which focuses on the interior of buildings and the way people live it.

Here we gather and thoroughly look into interior architecture projects, from all over the world, which combine - each in its own unique way - engineering, art, design to address expectations and needs of the people who are to experience the interior of a building. 

From case studies of adaptive reuse, to interiors conceived from scratch to defy expectations, here we delve deep into the field of interior architecture.


About Interior Architecture


Interior architecture is the branch of architecture whose aim is to create, refurbish or readapt the interior space of a building in a way it is safe and suitable - both aesthetically and functionally - for human use or habitation. 

Interior architecture can range from minor rearrangements - like the opening of a new window or the erection of a wall - to major interventions which require stripping the interiors bare in order to install plumbing and wiring. 

In this respect, interior architecture differs from interior design. While interior design focuses mostly on the aesthetics and functionality of the inside of a building, interior architecture addresses also the related structural and safety concerns. In their projects, interior architects have to carefully take in consideration existing building regulations, cultural property constraints, placing of pipes, electric cables and load-bearing walls, before they can even turn a single stone. 

Therefore, interior architecture is a discipline which combines both technical knowledge and creativity to provide safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing environments for people to dwell and work in.  

Interior architecture plays a fundamental role in bringing to life an architectural vision as part of an ideal architectural tetrad along with landscape architecture, exterior architecture and furniture design. 

These four disciplines combined create a continuous dialogue between what’s outside the building, the building itself (internally and externally) and the objects it contains, as seen - for a famous example - in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater. 


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