Landscape architecture


Landscape architecture on Arkitecture on Web is the section of our website dedicated to all the new trends and projects which deal with the design of outdoor areas, landmarks and the relationship between man-made structures and nature. 

Here we take an in-depth look at how architects, engineers and designers work to shape the landscape according to their vision, and how they contextualize their creations in any given environment. 

Here we survey the latest contribution to the discipline of landscape architecture.


About landscape architecture


Strictly speaking, landscape architecture is defined as the branch of architecture which is devoted to the design and shaping of the environment - be it rural or urban - according to its natural, historical and cultural characteristics: public plazas, parks, campuses, wilderness, degraded areas to-be-reclaimed.  


As such, landscape architecture is a melting pot of many different disciplines.

  • Urban and rural design, civil and structural engineering: these are ones which provide the technical know-how for each landscape architecture project. These disciplines address problems like stormwater management, definition of pedestrian areas, structural concerns. 

  • Botany, silviculture, soil sciences: these disciplines play a very important role especially in projects like city parks, gardens and degraded land reclamation. Whenever plants are involved, it’s fundamental to know which better fit the climate and soil type.

  • Psychology and sociology: having an understanding of how people relate to the existing landscape, and of what their needs and expectations are, is fundamental when planning a landscape. 


Our take, however, is that by landscape architecture one should also consider all those cases in which there’s a clear ongoing dialogue between a man made structure and its surroundings. 

Alpine chalets which seamlessly blend in the snowy mountains all around; a house which bursts out from the landscape as a white wedge in a mountain’s slope; buildings that use materials that mimic the local environment.

This landscape architecture latu sensu allows us to focus on all those projects - big and small - in which the landscape plays a fundamental role in the architectural vision.

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