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arkitube, arKitectureonweb & more!

arKitube and arKitectureonweb represent a perfect combination to have an organic growth of users interested in the contents of your company

  • The most innovative Network on Architecture: publishing, on-line training, video, social in a single community
  • arKitube is the first international portal dedicated to architecture and design videos
  • arKitectureonweb allows you to integrate the editorial content of your company with your videos in an optimal way
  • formazioneonweb, the portal specialized on online training of designers is integrated into arKitectureonweb and arKitube
  • A system that allows you to expand your business by showing your products, systems and case studies directly to Architects & Designers



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  • ARCHITECTURE> Our Services to better explain the projects by the designers. Why not increase your company’s visibility by including your Brand in our articles, videos, online seminars and showcases?
  • DESIGN> Design told by the voice of its protagonists. How and why was a collection made? How to use it in the project? Give us your videos and your content, we send them to Architects and Designers!
  • TECHNICAL> Technical insights and focus to better explain the solutions and systems of your company. Do you have many technical contents? Better, we have so many designers looking for your product!
  • AGENTS> Do you want to expand your sales network and try to maximize the yield of your investment? Do you want to keep your agents updated in an easy and immediate way? We are right for you
  • RETAILERS> Keep your retailers up-to-date! Use and make use of the tools of our Network to your network. Online seminars, videos, articles … indispensable tools in a single Network!
  • BUSINESSES> The -study Houses are our daily bread. Renovation, restyling, interior? No problem, directly connected with the protagonists of the realizations. Recommend the best solutions to solve their technical problems


  • Help you Communicate in the right way to the right Target!
  • Are you sure you are communicating to your correct Target? we give you the opportunity to communicate via all the methods on the web. Choose the one that’s right for you!
  • From General to Retail
  • Can your ideal users be generic or specialized designers? No problem, thanks to our 6 thematic portals and to a single Network we face various themes suitable for all needs, from the allographer to the specialist!
  • Several tools for a single result
  • Many tools to attract the attention of your target: videos, articles, shop windows, cards, online seminars, ADV, reference, social. A wide range of choices to optimize your investment


  • Establish a direct relationship with your target audience
  • Complete presentation of your product and your brand
  • Optimization of your investment
  • Visibility within the first international portal dedicated to Design & Architecture Videos
  • Optimization of your press material. Make the most of the material that your company already has at your disposal or focus on new specific tools that you have not used until now
  • Increased visibility of your Brand. The visibility of your Brand distributed on many Portals and many instruments in a single Network. An international audience for two-language communication: English and Italian.
  • More effective communication with your target audience. Increase the effectiveness of communication by involving your target audience. Our goal: provide you with the tools to do it.