Blockhaus wooden structure

The spruce block boards are the most important construction element in the Blockhaus. These are laid on top of one another and interwoven at the edges. The corner joints as well as the double tongue and groove design of the block boards are developed using the most modern techniques in order to guarantee the house’s high level of stability and above all its density. The Blockhaus is a solid wood construction system with no metal joints. This enables Rubner Blockhaus to meet the highest environmental requirements.
The insulation is installed internally and consists of soft fibreboard. The wires and pipes for the electrical and plumbing fixtures are laid between the insulation. The internal wall is then clad with wood or plaster base panels.

The wall elements are prefabricated in the Rubner Haus production facility and assembled at the construction site. The boards retain their shape and produce a slight settlement of the wall which is easily compensated for when the windows and doors are installed.