Residential series

An impeccable silhouette, lightly wafer-thin, protruding only millimetres from the wall Seen in profile, Eikon Evo offers a subtly fascinating and impalpable presence in tune with current interior design trends. An airy lighting device, with a fascinating suspended effect. The design of Eikon Evo in aluminum, wood and Corian® creates a subtle separation from any imperfections in the wall, producing a suspended suspended effect that emphasizes the finishes and premium materials.

Majestic geometries Forms designed to make their mark with a delicate presence on the walls: Eikon Evo flaunts a sophisticated and well-defined image that embodies the aesthetic principles of Vimar. A cover plate that gives prominence to the premium materials and finishes.

Original materials Eight different approaches to being, living and expressing luxury. The Eikon Evo styles are inspired by the latest living trends, embodying and enhancing them in a unique and personal way with materials, colors and finishes. So you can freely choose a style to suit your personality.