OVERCODE architecture urbanisme

8 Rue Carnot, 93100 Montreuil, France

OVERCODE is an office of architecture and urbanisme built in 2011 by Claire Garcia Barriet and Alejandro Elias Garcia Marta.
Our different interets, cultures and experiences pushes our daily practice.

The word OVERCODE translates our specific and unusual interest in architecture, urbanism, landscape and in their input into the cultural production in contemporary society. We think the architectural and urban practice as a critical and political action that tries to innovate and put into question the preconceived ideas of our profession.
We think OVERCODE as an experimental and multidisciplinary structure: for us, the practice can not be separated from urban and architectural research. The association with other professionals such as engineers, sound engineers, photographers, artists, sociologists, etc. seems to be fundamental to create an organization that is able to evolve and produces critical and pertinent propositions.
Due to our specific interests, we develop in each architectural, urban or art project a particular synergy that tries to investigate into meaningful questions.