Our history | 10 years of arkitectureonweb & elearningonweb


An amazing journey. That is what these 10 years of journey, which flew by in a flash, represent for me that brought me from ristrutturareonweb to arkitectureonweb and elearningonweb. A journey punctuated by meeting so many people, so many companies with incredible know-how and a multitude of designers with so much desire to update and train that today represent our extended family.

A journey shared with an incredible team that has allowed us today to be protagonists in the world of specialized publishing with arkitectureonweb and elearningonweb, the #1 portal in Italy for online professional training and updating with its webinars to date constantly sold-out.

And today I still wonder what is at the base the main ingredient that helped to create, to give birth and to grow this project... and I think the word is Passion... Passion combined with Perseverance, Passion combined with Creativity, Passion combined with the Courage to believe in new roads ..not beaten by others.

"Your work will fill most of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is good work. And the only way to do good work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't stand still. As happens with matters of the heart, you'll know you've found the right one as soon as it's in front of you" (Steve Jobs) 

2013-2023. From ristrutturareonweb.com to arkitectureonweb


2013-2015. From ristrutturareonweb.com to thematic portals.

In 2013, with the crisis in print publishing, Arch. R. Fabio Sciacca founded the first portal specializing in the renovation and recovery of buildings in Italy > ristrutturareonweb.com. The first thematic portal will be joined in the following years by other thematic portals: legnonweb.com (focused on wood-framed buildings), designonweb.it (specific on interior and outdoor design). Since 2013 multiple events in which the new portals participate as Media Partner with various trade fair organizations whose task was to complete their communication aimed at Projects: from Fiera Bolzano in various editions of Klimahouse to MADE Milano. In the three-year period 2013-2015 R. Fabio Sciacca discovers the tool of webinars and realizes that the time is ripe to use on a large scale, new tools for communication and especially for professional training.


2015. Training On Web is born. The new frontier of professional updating

In 2015, the network of thematic portals on the world of architecture and design was completed: formazioneonweb > the specific channel on online professional training and updating for designers was born. The first channel dedicated to construction, architecture and design webinars with a specific format to be updated on the latest know-how proposed by companies and industry professionals.
In 2017 the portal's activity was strategically transferred to Spain creating the company Nextonweb SLU. The goal is to propose publishing and training activities in the coming years in the international scene and in different languages.


2017. National CFPs for architects, engineers, surveyors and appraisers

As of 2017, the intense training activity allows Nextonweb SLU to become a third-party institution recognized by the CNAPPC, National Council of Architects Planners, Landscapers and Conservators for the issuance of Professional CFPs and by the Ministry of Justice, to be joined by The National Council of Engineers, Surveyors and Surveyors.
Online training, thanks to webinars, is starting to be more and more known by the general public, and an increasingly rich format allows to reach important goals, not only for the numbers achieved, but also for the quality level of the topics covered together with the technical partners.

2018. Rebranding of portals with arkitectureonweb and elearningonweb

At the beginning of 2018, a rebranding and reorganization of all thematic portals is structured, maintaining two final portals that still exist today: arkitectureonweb.com (the specific portal on publishing aimed at the world of architecture in Italian, English and Spanish) and elearningonweb.com (a specialized portal on online training aimed at the Italian design audience - to date the #1 portal in Italy specifically on webinars and on architecture, construction and design topics).



The work group

The value added par excellence! The working group

For us it represents the true soul of a company and is the most important plus. Giving the best we can in every aspect of our daily business is the daily mantra for us... if it is done while having fun, putting maximum Passion... even better!

Thank you all for making this 10th year a shared and special anniversary!