10 years of arkitectureonweb | elearningonweb

Having reached our tenth year of operation, it is time for stocktaking and celebration. We wanted to share our celebration of this important milestone with all the actors who are part of our World.

We decided to share with all the designers who accompany us every day during the webinars on learning web a special week organized from May 15 to 19, 2023 > the Communication Week | Architecture & Design in which we organized webinars on 5 themes related to the world of Communication, Architecture and Design..

Just on the occasion of our 10 years of activity we created the arkiawards, eight awards divided into two sections, to celebrate the most read articles together with designers and technical partners that we publish every week on architecture web.

Then we couldn't fail to recap these past 10 years with the protagonists of so many of our webinars: the Opinion Leaders of the historic companies that are an integral part of our history. A series of video interviews broadcast every Friday throughout 2023, Live on Facebook, to address topical issues in the world of Architecture and Building together with the protagonists.



Communication Week | Arkitecture & Design

From May 15 to May 19 a week focused on Communication in the world of Architecture and Design, celebrating 10 years with the designers who follow us on elearningonweb

We have dedicated an entire week to broadcasting Special Events where we will be waiting for you with as many as two events each day. The morning live interviews on Instagram and Facebook with the protagonists who will address the topics in the Main events broadcast on elearningonweb Monday through Friday.

We will start on May 15 by talking about Photography and Architecture with Giovanni de Sandre, on May 16 we will delve into the theme of Hospitality with Emanuele Svetti, the day of May 17 will be dedicated to the world of Retail with Vanda Designers, during the day of May 18 we will address the theme of Color together with Chroma Studio, We will conclude the Communication week with an event on the morning of Friday, May 19 focused on Communication in Architecture together with two well-known faces of elearningonweb: R. Fabio Sciacca and Mara Pasquini.

Events organized in partnership with Logo thus




The arkiawards 2023

2 sections and 8 awards to decree the most read articles of 2022

 To mark 10 years of arkitectureonweb, we have decided to inaugurate an initiative that will be a regular feature in the years to come, the arkiawards. We will award the most-read articles of 2022. The awards have been divided into two sections representative of our editorial production: the projects/realizations section and the technical focus section. Each section will have within it 4 awards.

Articles recounting projects/realizations from around the world have always been the workhorse of our editorial production. Projects/realizations ranging in the way of architecture, outdoor project, interior and product design. Thus, there will be 4 award categories: ARCHITECTURE, INTERIOR, OUTDOOR and DESIGN.

Choice of articles and announcement of winners
The winning projects-one per category-will be chosen based on the number of views of the article. Winners will be proclaimed during Communication Week scheduled for May 15-19, 2023, during the afternoon Main Events. Below are the dates of proclamation:

  • May 15, 2023: arkiawards ARCHITECTURE announcement
  • May 16, 2023: arkiawards INTERIOR announcement
  • May 17, 2023: arkiawards OUTDOOR announcement
  • May 18, 2023: arkiawards DESIGN announcement




Technical articles tell designers about the latest technological innovations in the field of construction, starting with design needs and then moving on to the technical features of the product being told. There will be 4 award categories for this section: BUILDING, INVOLVEMENT, FINISHING and OUTDOOR

Article selection and announcement of winners
Again, the winning articles-one per category-will be chosen based on the number of views. The winners will be announced during Communication Week scheduled for May 15-19, 2023, during the last Main Event in the morning.

  • May 19, 2023: proclamation of awards BUILDING, INVOLVEMENT, FINISHING and OUTDOOR section TECHNICAL FOCUSES



Opinion leader. Video interviews with key players

How has the communication of Companies changed in recent years? Let's talk about it with our historical Partners

To celebrate our network's 10 years of activity, we have organized a series of video interviews, broadcast live on Facebook on the elearningonweb page, every Friday at 1 pm.

Together with our historical partners we address each week issues related to the evolution of communication, research, and new technologies in architecture, design, sustainability, and construction over the past 10 years.



Technical partners for 10 years..

The story of our Network told through the logos of all the companies that in 10 years have communicated on arkitectureonweb and elearningonweb 

Companies, our Technical Partners represent an inexhaustible source of highly technical content. An invaluable contribution, thanks to an ever-evolving know-how, which has allowed over the years, to delve into countless topics highly appreciated by designers. The technical partners are undoubtedly protagonists both in the training offered on elearning web and in the editorial content featured on arkitectureonweb.

We felt it was only right to thank in this way all the companies that have chosen us over all these years, wishing us to be able to celebrate other great achievements together, always working side by side in training and communication aimed at designers.