+ tongtong

106-35 Golden Ave Toronto, ON M6R 2J5 Canada

+tongtong is a multi-disciplinary design studio driven by a sense of possibility and a passion for developing spaces that nurture and inspire creativity.  Every project aims to transform the physical environment into a dynamic discovery that is both highly functional and rich with cultural meaning.  

+tongtong employs a collaborative process in the development and realization of their projects and champions their clients as integral partners along with artists, architects, cultural activators, business people, consultants, fabricators, builders and scientists. Through the understanding of business, art, design, technology, and culture, +tongtong believes that innovation is possible for every project. In the design process +tongtong is always a project’s first user.

Under the leadership of founding principal John Tong, +tongtong is fuelled by the fervor for discovery, a love of visual art and culture and a desire to realize unexpected and captivating spaces. Beginning with a project’s vision and functional requirements, +tongtong investigates and builds immersive experiences addressing all facets of design, including architecture, interiors, furnishings, lighting, art, accessories, branding, music, and fashion. The resulting projects have been known not just for their unique, fresh, and timeless designs but also for their ability to express the essence of their client’s values while contributing to entrepreneurial and business success