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Alberto Campo Baeza

A "suspended" villa in Costa Rica. A project that respects the environment

Suspended villa with pool

Restoration and Enhancement of the Luxury Resort. Stone and wood in the Swiss Alps

Recovery and enhancement of a luxury resort

A " customized " staircase. Organic design combining Gold and Transparency

golden organic scale

Expansion of the Pecci Museum in Prato. Natural light and a return to the future

Enlargement of the museum

Luxury resort in the Kitzbühel Alps. Intimate atmospheres between Stone and Wood

Luxury resort on the Alps

Bridge of Peace in Tiblisi. Symbolic architecture to connect Territory and Society

Peace Bridge in Georgia

Farm in Trentino. Wooden structure and thermal insulation as the basis of housing comfort

Wooden structure for a farm in Trentino

Medical Centre in Ascoli. Glass openings for a futuristic experience, between suspended facades, LEDs and natural light

illuminated medical center

School complex in Switzerland. A façade made of colored glass for a modern School

School with colored glass facades

Modernist Villa in Holland. Large openings and stone cladding for a Luxury Design

Stone cladding for a luxury villa

The Architecture is inspired by the Art of the Origami. Wooden kiosk in Luxembourg

wooden glass restaurant

Bicycle which looks like a sandwich. Stratified plywood frames for a home-made velocipede

The bicycle with the wooden frame

Painting that transforms space. The mathematics of colour between volumes and architecture

exterior terrace chromatic scale

Desserts which look like miniature architectures. A mix of geometric shapes, colours and 3D moulds

sweets with 3d models

Historical 18th century palace for the restaurant in Bolzano. Mix between modern and tradition

Restaurant in a historic building

Wooden building in the Netherlands. Hidden shelter in the park

Wooden refuge in nature

Jewelry like artworks. Timeless expression of femininity with geometric lines

jewels as works of art

Olivetti and Architecture. A cultural and social history through photography

Olivetti headquarters in Ivrea staircase

Elegant apartment in Turin. Unique space combining ancient and modern

Stately apartment with arches in the interior

Temporary structures at the National Building Museum. Paper tubes and reflective colours

Interior of the structure made with pipes