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Paolo Foglini design

Interior design for the Dental Clinic in Sydney. The wooden element combines aesthetics and functionality

Interior for a dental clinic

Interior Design in Toronto. Oak walls and floors for the presidential office

Interior design of an office in Toronto

Photography and Architecture. Details and glimpses to be seen upwards, between lights and shadows through the camera

Photography and architecture photos from the bottom up

Invasion of mice and monkeys with Lighting. Lights that turn your home into a fairytale world

Mouse with lamp

Flexible spaces for students at the San Carlo College. Design and attention to acoustic comfort

Magenta 71 with Celenit sound-absorbing panels

Restaurant in Barcelona. Original design for the Organic Space

restaurant design custom slabs wall tiles

Restoration and enhancement of the Luxury Resort. Stone and wood in the Swiss Alps

Recovery and enhancement of a luxury resort

A " customized " staircase. Organic design combining Gold and Transparency

golden organic scale

Expansion of the Pecci Museum in Prato. Natural light and a return to the future

Enlargement of the museum

Luxury resort in the Kitzbühel Alps. Intimate atmospheres between Stone and Wood

Luxury resort on the Alps

Bridge of Peace in Tiblisi. Symbolic architecture to connect Territory and Society

Peace Bridge in Georgia

Medical Centre in Ascoli. Glass openings for a futuristic experience, between suspended facades, LEDs and natural light

illuminated medical center

Modernist Villa in Holland. Large openings and stone cladding for a Luxury Design

Stone cladding for a luxury villa

The Architecture is inspired by the Art of the Origami. Wooden kiosk in Luxembourg

wooden glass restaurant

Bicycle which looks like a sandwich. Stratified plywood frames for a home-made velocipede

The bicycle with the wooden frame

Nineteenth century residence at the port of Sydney. Recovering history on the Waterfront

Metal kitchen overlooking Sydney Harbor

Wooden Tower in Nigeria. Project of forty thousand square meters all in Wood

Wooden tower in Nigeria

Renovation of the Villa in Chieti. The transformation that is carried out using stone, brick and wood

villa with stone swimming pool

Colours and curves for a park in Hangzhou city. A perfect synthesis of design and functionality

playground shopping center

Painting that transforms space. The mathematics of colour between volumes and architecture

exterior terrace chromatic scale