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The huge catalog of new products for construction and materials for design is a synergy of form and function. It offers high-quality materials and cutting-edge design. From the structural performance of buildings to the ergonomics of applications and objects. A comprehensive overview of the top architectural products in the industry. Discover the latest innovations and don't miss out; subscribe to the arkitectureonweb portal to stay informed about the most innovative materials for design, architecture, and construction.

Comfort and Performance

In contemporary construction, the combination of comfort and performance represents a fundamental pillar. The use of innovative design materials and intelligent technologies allows the creation of spaces that not only provide a high level of living comfort but also optimal performance in terms of energy efficiency, structural safety, and sustainability. The balance between aesthetics and functionality becomes essential to ensure that buildings not only meet the practical needs of occupants but also contribute to overall well-being and long-term performance.

Furniture and style

Furniture and style play a key role in the realm of design products and building materials, defining the aesthetics and personality of spaces. Beyond ensuring functionality and quality, the careful selection of materials and furnishings allows for the creation of an environment that reflects the distinctive style of its inhabitants. The integration of innovative design and high-quality materials results in a combination where form meets function, contributing to the definition of the architectural space's identity. In this context, the pursuit of solutions that harmoniously blend aesthetics and practicality becomes an inspiring challenge in creating unique and welcoming environments.

The building envelope

The building envelope serves as the skin of buildings. It plays a fundamental role in thermal insulation, protection against weather elements, and visual impact. Special construction products like insulated glass, ventilated facade systems, and technological claddings not only contribute to energy efficiency, ensuring thermal and acoustic comfort but also impart character to buildings. Innovative materials in the field of architecture are increasingly focused on sustainable solutions, promoting harmony between the built environment and the landscape. The design of the building envelope thus becomes a key element in optimizing energy performance and enhancing the aesthetic value of modern buildings.

Technical structure

In building products and materials related to the technical structure of buildings, we emphasize the importance of elements such as beams, pillars, foundation systems, and advanced structural materials. The use of components like reinforced concrete and steel aims to ensure the strength, stability, and safety of buildings. Innovations like self-healing concrete, prefabricated building structures, and composite materials contribute to optimizing structural performance, enabling the construction of efficient buildings that are resistant to environmental and seismic challenges. Research in the field of structural elements reflects the need for construction to evolve towards increasingly sophisticated technical solutions.

Facilities and Energy

In the context of system design in construction and architecture, we emphasize products and services aimed at ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability. Solar panels, heating and cooling systems, automation devices, and energy management systems are key components to optimize consumption. Solutions for renewable energy production converge towards sustainability throughout the building's lifecycle, while innovative insulation materials help reduce thermal loss. Creating energy-efficient living spaces is the ultimate goal, in addition to reducing environmental impact.

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