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Isolated restaurant with Celenit acoustic insulation panels


Facade of a building under renovation with Ferri products



Geopietra®, a leader in the field of reconstituted stone, combines passion and innovation with decades of experience. Originating from Castrezzone, Brescia, the company draws inspiration from the rich local stone heritage, near Lake Garda and the Western Alps, home to the famous Botticino marble. Since 1983, Geopietra® has excelled in thermal insulation and dry finishes, evolving over time to create the revolutionary Abita in 1993. Abita represents the ecological and innovative response to the limitations of natural stone, maintaining its beauty without environmental impact. The year 1996 marks the debut of Geopietra®, a perfect synthesis of aesthetics and sustainability. With the patent for Abitasistema® in 2010 and the introduction of nel murogeopietra® in 2012, Geopietra® has definitively renewed the dialogue between architecture and nature, allowing unprecedented aesthetic solutions. The collaboration with Fassa S.r.l. introduced Mastrosistema® in 2013, and in 2019 Geopietra® further expanded its horizons with GeoFit, integrated into the Plus system. Geopietra® is internationally recognized for its quality, surpassing rigorous safety and efficiency tests, including the prestigious Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) and the Eurocode 8 certificate for Mastrosistema®.

Villa built with Geopietra wall



Pharaoh was born in 1969 and is one of the first companies in Italy to use the innovative technology of point-fixed glass fixing in architecture, particularly in facade systems. This anchoring system allows for the creation of large glass facades with minimally invasive fixings, improving the aesthetics of architectural structures. Over the years, the company has become a point of reference in the world of transparent facades, both in Italy and abroad. Faraone's products stand out for their innovations in facade design and qualified installation. Specifically, the company produces glass balustrades, canopies, facades, doors, and glass partitions.


Poliespanso yard


View of the Winckler hotel with glass railings

Equitone - Etex group

skyscraper and covering facades with equitone fiber cement




Ecose KnaufInsulation

Index Spa

Xella Italia

Azienda Ytong


The PosaClima project is an initiative by Straudi S.p.a in collaboration with numerous Italian and European partners, aimed at creating a system for installing high thermal and acoustic efficiency external windows and doors, with good versatility for any type of requirement, guaranteed durability over time, and a low cost to enable the use of the PosaClima system in any construction site.


Saint-Gobain Italia S.p.A. offers a complete range of innovative solutions for opaque and transparent envelopes through strong and well-known brands in the market such as Glass (flat glass for construction), Gyproc (drywall systems and gypsum-based plasters), Isover (thermal-acoustic insulations and waterproofing), Weber (premixed systems for various applications - for example, solutions for facades and insulation, plasters and skim coats, paints, waterproofing, screeds, adhesives). Saint-Gobain Italia positions itself as a technological hub of reference, thanks to an integrated approach of systems and multimaterial solutions produced 90% in Italy, and a particular focus on energy efficiency, safety, comfort, and design. The widespread presence in the national territory, with production units and logistics centers, is not only a business orientation but is in line with the Group's policy of environmental sustainability to minimize transportation and limit emissions.

Saint-Gobain group

KE Outdoor Design

KE, part of the BAT Group for over 35 years, is a leader in shading systems, representing excellence in Made in Italy with a strong international presence in countries such as France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and the USA. Specialized in designing and creating innovative shading solutions such as awnings, canopies, shelters, and large area coverings, KE caters to outdoor professionals, architects, and designers offering durable and cutting-edge products. With 14 global branches and products distributed in 76 countries, KE aims for internationalization without compromising on Italian quality, standing out for original know-how and the ability to anticipate future trends in urban furnishings and outdoor design through online events and tailor-made solutions.




Edilteco Group has been dedicated to the development of products and technologies for the lightweight thermal insulation mortar sector since 1981. They specialize in using super lightweight aggregates, particularly virgin expanded polystyrene beads, and have achieved a position of technological, productive, and market leadership over the years. The company's focus is to design and build well-being through high-quality materials that are used to create living comfort, including thermal insulation, sound insulation, renovation and dehumidification, and fire protection.


Ponte Giulio

Since 1973, the Italian company Ponte Giulio has been designing and manufacturing bathroom fixtures with the aim of making the environment safe, accessible, and inclusive. Ponte Giulio's products, including fixtures for the elderly and disabled, fixtures for children, combine safety and functionality with design and elegance. Bathroom aids are made using high-quality raw materials and are designed to last over time. The company has contributed to the development of a PVC that reduces or eliminates any risk to humans and the environment.

Ponte Giulio



Helty is part of the Alpac Group and is a leader in decentralized Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) solutions. The company offers dual-flow systems with heat recovery and advanced air filtration. The main objective is to promote health and well-being in homes through compact, easy-to-install, technologically advanced, and highly efficient solutions. The decentralized MVHR system, Helty Flow, stands out for its reduction in design complications and the possibility of smart management of ventilation. The range includes retrofit wall models, built-in solutions for renovations, and systems for communities. The performance is certified by the VMC Quality CasaClima Seal and validated by BioSafe.


FerreroLegno is a leading company in the production of interior opening and closing systems, proudly Made in Italy. The design of its products is constantly evolving, keeping up with current trends. Thanks to this characteristic, the company is able to offer its customers exclusive products that can make every environment unique.

Innovative, elegant, and functional solutions are combined with the company's green vision, from the choice of materials to production. Wood is the main material used in the systems: thanks to its functional and aesthetic characteristics, it contributes to creating unique and high-quality environments.

Inkiostro Bianco

Lupak Metal

Lupak Metal, a leader in Italy in the production of aluminum sun shading systems, combines passion, experience, and innovation in a team of thirty specialists. With a new plant, it offers customized solutions, from WIRE to CHAIN systems, ensuring high quality and personalized services from design to after-sales. Committed to the continuous evolution of the sector, it represents excellence in the interaction between design, functionality, and aesthetics.

Pontarolo Engineering

Pontarolo Engineering S.p.A., an Italian company leader in the construction sector, offers innovative and sustainable solutions for the environment. Specialized in systems for ventilated roofs and ICF constructions, it is committed to producing eco-friendly insulation materials and launching the ONEK brand for modular flooring.

The company's mission is focused on creating building technologies for the future and constructing cities resilient to climate change. Through an ethical approach and a commitment to research and development, Pontarolo Engineering stands out as an innovative SME, adopting high environmental standards.

Pontarolo Engineering


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