AKB - Atelier Kastelic Buffey

Morrow Ave, Toronto, ON M6R, Canada

Founded in 2004, the architecture of Atelier Kastelic Buffey stands out for its clarity of vision, the poetics of space and attention to detail. Silent simplicity is achieved through a rigorous process and commitment to conceptual intent. With a unified approach to interior-exterior relationships, AKB transforms the ephemeral into tactile, creating architecture with a palpable sense of space. Pragmatic elements of volume, light, proportion and materiality are designed to develop refined experiences that respond to the unique site, context and program of each project. The resulting buildings are captivating, elegant and functional with exceptional warmth. AKB loves to work closely with customers to ensure that all needs are met. Through the search for relevant data, theories and precedents, the study combines the practical and the abstract to establish concentrated and creative solutions with an intrinsic awareness towards sustainability