Garda SP Aluvetro glass balustrade balcony
Garda SP Aluvetro glass balustrade balcony
Glass balustrades | Garda SP

It is the glass balustrade in its most classic configuration, where the aluminum profile remains visible and can be customized in colors and finishes.

The profiles are made of extruded aluminum with a fixing system that uses adjustable clamps for the glass. The covering casings undergo an anodization treatment (20 microns) that provides a finish with aesthetic and protective characteristics suitable for exposure to aggressive urban or marine atmospheres, or they can be painted according to RAL charts. Applications include residences or condominiums, fencing, terraces, pool edges, mezzanine areas, hotels, shopping malls; even in stadiums or sports centers, glass railings ensure maximum transparency and strength without obstructing the view of events. To allow for water drainage, a small optional accessory is placed under the profile, corresponding to each fixing point, thus creating a functional drainage channel system.

The Garda SP balustrade system can accommodate various thicknesses of laminated and tempered glass, optionally with Cleaner treatment, making the surface highly water-repellent and significantly reducing maintenance and regular cleaning. Each solution can be combined with LED lighting to create a captivating nighttime illumination effect. At the top of the glass panels, a Mini, Round, or Compact handrail can be installed in different finishes and color variants.

To meet every design need, all components of the balustrade system are customizable according to contemporary architectural requests. The casings are available in different finishes and colors, with anodization treatment or powder coating according to RAL charts. Laminated glass can be customized in infinite color combinations, transparent or with adjustable opacity, with the possibility of printing creative designs on the panels.

All products in the Garda system meet high safety standards. Garda SP has been tested in laboratories accredited by the Ministry of Public Works and has passed dynamic and static load tests up to 4.5 kN/m (450 Kg/m).